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Re: [czernowitz2006] A personal experience

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  • Gabriele Weissmann
    ... Datum: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 19:20:07 +0200 Von: Danny and Sharon Alon An: Czernowitz-L@cornell.edu, CZERNOWITZ 2006 YAHOO LIST
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 13, 2006
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      Datum: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 19:20:07 +0200
      Von: Danny and Sharon Alon <alonltd2@...>
      An: Czernowitz-L@..., \'CZERNOWITZ 2006 YAHOO LIST\' <czernowitz2006@yahoogroups.com>
      Betreff: [czernowitz2006] A personal experience

      > Hi All,
      > I would like to share a personal experience I had earlier this week at the
      > Internal Medicine ward where I work at the Meir General hospital in Kefar
      > Sava. I entered room no. 10 during our morning rounds, and saw an elderly
      > lady reading a German newspaper. The computer sheet stated that she was
      > born
      > in the former soviet union - a match that could only mean one thing. She
      > then remarked something concerning the air conditioning, in German - and
      > the
      > accent was right. I asked her where she was born, and she started to
      > mumble
      > about today's Ukraine but insisted very firmly on being Austrian. "Well
      > then, you are from Cz", I said. "Yes I am, I was born in Cz", she
      > answered.
      > "Have you ever heard of it?", she asked. "Well yes, I have," I answered,
      > and
      > then, having returned from Cz just recently, I continued - "and on which
      > street in Cz exactly did you live?"
      > At this point she stared at me, bewildered, and mumbled: "On the
      > Rathausstrasse...". But I didn't give up - "Was it down the street, close
      > to
      > the Ringplatz, or a bit more upwards?"... At this point I had to confess
      > and
      > tell her about visiting the place myself recently.....
      > What a feeling of intimacy.
      > Danny
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      > Hello, Renunion friends,
      I also feel I must add another memory of such "meetings": one day, about 12 years ago, in Berlin I went shopping to buy some nice shoes for an event which was to take place for the first time there: the first Jewish Culture Festival. The shop was empty, and I found nothing suitable, so I was just leaving, when, at the entrance, I saw a couple looking at shoes, and passing by, I heard them speak an unusual but very familiar German.
      I came closer, looked at them and said, like through a dream, looking at the woman:" are you not Lya Koenig?" Yes, she said, very surprised, and who
      are you? I am Mocca/Martins¨(my uncle from Florida) niece. She and her husband,Herschale, who is unfortunately dead now, came up to me, embraced me and said something like :"how did you know, etc. " I don´t really know how I knew, I had last seen Lya in Anna Frank in Romania in 1959, and not since, but I somehow knew it. They had come to Berlin for the Jewish Festival, and Zwi or Herschale was a good friend of my uncle.
      This is the story, probably the Czernowitz accent had attracted me and somehow my mind make the connection with the Festival. But Lya has made
      a wonderful sketch of this meeting, one should hear her tell it!!!


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