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Re: [czernowitz2006] Re: [Cz-L] Repeat of message about Cz. Jewish cemetery

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  • Miriam Taylor
    Miriam (Mimi) Taylor ... Dear Bruce, Finding a company to do the maintenance is certainly part of what needs to be done, but maintenance
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 9, 2006
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      Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <mirtaylo@...>

      > Dear All,
      > I am wondering whether it would be a good idea to first find a company in or
      > around Chernvtsi that can do the maintenance on an on going basis, and ask
      > them to do the initial cleanup. It would seem to me that the two projects
      > would
      > go hand in hand, and the maintenance company would have a serious stake in
      > doing the cleanup right from the beginning.
      > I am not an expert on any of the items on Mimi's list, however I would be
      > happy to be part of a committee to work on this. I believe as genealogists, it
      > is
      > the ultimate task we could perform for our ancestors who are buried in this
      > cemetery.
      > Bruce Wexler
      > Jackson, NJ

      Dear Bruce,

      Finding a company to do the maintenance is certainly part of what needs to
      be done, but maintenance would involve only cutting the weeds once every two
      or three weeks from May till the end of September. The initial cleanup
      requires the removal of bushes and at least the trimming of trees.
      Furthermore, at this point, we do not have anyone to contact and supervise a
      local company.

      I still think that:

      >> We need Information about:
      >> 1. The legal status of the cemetery.
      >> 2. Herbicides approved for use in the US and Europe, the legality of using
      >> them in the Ukraine.
      >> 3. Generally approved mechanisms of cemetery maintenance and preservation.
      >> 4. How to establish a fund and society for the clean-up and preservation
      >> of the cemetery. Whether it is advisable to establish a tax exempt fund.
      >> 5. Proper, prudent and legal means of managing the fund.
      >> 6. Existing organizations which may provide us with expertise and or money.
      >> Anyone who has knowledge of any of the needed information, or is willing to
      >> do the needed research, please get involved and volunteer to supply us with
      >> the needed information.

      I have received some information on points (4) and (5) and as soon as I have
      time, will send this to the Cz. - List.

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