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Re: [czernowitz2006] Re: Further discussions

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    Mark: I have to use the Cornel s quote lets not reinvent the wheel . I agree with you, Mark, Cz-L was set up for Czernowitzer s discussions. I do not think
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 9, 2006

      I have to use the Cornel's quote "lets not reinvent the wheel".
      I agree with you, Mark, Cz-L was set up for Czernowitzer's discussions.
      I do not think that a new discussion group is necessary.


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      1. What was Czernowitz really like and what is the heritage of
      2. How do those of us, who once lived there, remember, think and feel

      If any of you are interested in discussing these or related topics,
      we could form a group to do so.

      Hasn't the Cz-L group been the place where these topics were discussed
      in the
      past? Is a new group necessary? One of the reasons for the termination
      of the
      Czernowitz2006 group is to no longer "poach" on the other group.

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