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Czernowitz Reunion talks,lectures, discussions

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  • Miriam Taylor
    Dear Czernowitzers, Thanks for putting up with my emotional letter of yesterday, but now, let s get down to business. In planning the program of the reunion,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2005
      Dear Czernowitzers,

      Thanks for putting up with my emotional letter of yesterday, but now,
      let's get down to business.

      In planning the program of the reunion, it was decided that the program
      would include talks and discussions. We did not decide whether we would
      Invite outside speakers, nor did we calculate a budget for such an
      eventuality. We will have to pay for the use of conference rooms, in any
      case, but this is a relatively small expense.
      In order to decide on a feasible program with the widest interest,
      I would like everyone to please answer each of the following questions:

      1. Would you want us to invite outside speakers and be willing to pay
      for the expense involved?
      Please consider that we will all have to pay for their travel and hotel
      expenses, probably also a honorarium. Depending on how many speakers we
      invite, how far each one of them need travel and the number of
      participants in the reunion, I estimate the cost of inviting outside
      speakers to be about $100 per participant.

      2. Initially, topics for discussion and talks were suggested by some of us
      and then agreed on by vote. They are:

      A. The culture of Czernowitz in different periods.
      B. Czernowitz Jewish identity.
      C. Our shared interest and heritage.

      David Glynn, one of the committee members has since suggested:
      These topics are not really distinct and in fact have considerable
      overlap. They do not seem to define the essential focus for what
      the lectures / discussions should be trying to illuminate.

      The Jewish culture of prewar Czernowitz was in some ways very special.
      The questions are: What was this culture? What was special about it?
      Did it arise from the legacy of Austro-Hungarian rule before the first
      World War? How did it develop under the increasingly oppressive Romanian
      rule between the wars?

      Other important subsidiary questions are: Was the Jewish culture of
      Czernowitz exceptional in some way, compared with other cities of Eastern
      Europe, and how did this difference manifest itself? How was the Jewish
      culture affected by interaction with the other inhabitants (Ukrainians,
      Germans, etc), by the authorities, by corruption, by the different types
      of schools? How did the flowering of poets and writers arise from this
      culture? How did the different classes of Jews in Czernowitz - orthodox,
      professionals, business and tradesmen, the rich, the Poor, relate to each
      other, and contribute to the overall culture?


      Considering both the three individual topics as well as David's broader,
      more encompassing suggestion, call it (D) would you be interested in
      lecturing / talking or leading a discussion on one of them?

      3. Would you be willing to talk/lecture on another topic related to
      Czernowitz? On what topic would you be willing to talk?

      4. If you are a holocaust survivor would you be willing to be on a
      panel of people discussing their experiences during the war and
      accepting questions from the audience?

      Some of us, who expect to participate in the Czernowitz reunion,
      have academic experience in the study of Czernowitz. Many of us have
      either personal memories and experiences of Czernowitz or stories and
      memories related to us by our parents. Most of us have read, thought and
      had discussions about Czernowitz. I would therefore like to encourage
      every one to send in their ideas and suggestions, also to volunteer to
      talk about a Czernowitz related topic.

      Please answer each question separately and individually and send your
      answer to me, Miriam (Mimi) Taylor at: <mirtaylo@...>

      It would be very helpful if every one answered these questions no
      later than December 4th.

      All the best and Aufs Wiedersehn in Czernowitz,
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