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Re: A Czernowitzers meeting in Israel

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  • Lucca
    Hi Mimi, My printer broke down so without printing out your suggestions, I will have to rely on memory: As far as duration is concerned, I suppose for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2006
      Hi Mimi,
      My printer broke down so without printing out your suggestions, I will have
      to rely on memory:
      As far as duration is concerned, I suppose for the people living in Israel
      this is not a critical point because in this respect we can be flexible. 3
      days would be good.
      To point 4) The best place would be Tel-Aviv, option Haifa, but I think the
      majority should decide.
      I don't know exactly what you mean by exclusive or inclusive. I believe that
      the people who have no connection with Czernowitz, would not be interested
      to join anyway! As far as family and descendants are concerned: again, for
      instance my own children would be interested I am sure, my son who lives in
      Germany would certainly come, about daughter plus family in San Diego
      remains to be seen.

      About journalists: In this respect the "Die Stimme" staff could be of
      assistance and advise who would be suitable and who would not.
      I do hope that Lya Koening, an avid Czernowitzer, would once more be willing
      to be in charge of entertainment, she should be asked.
      One festive meal would be nice, I remember with pleasure the one we had in
      the Dan Tel-Aviv, actually we had two, one cocktail party and one dinner.
      And of course there would be tales to tell - provided not all of it has been
      told in the course of the Czernowitz reunion.
      In any case, I would be prepared to give a helping hand and not retire into
      passivity as I did regarding the Czernowitz reunion. In truth, I was simply
      sad that I couldn't join!
      I do hope it will happen1
      Love, Lucca

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      Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2006 7:50 PM
      Subject: A Czernowitzers meeting in Israel

      > In response to all who have written that they like the idea of having a
      > Czernowitzers meeting in Israel:
      > I know that the Organization of Bukowina Jews, regularly holds meetings in
      > Israel. A Czernowitzers meeting is not meant to replace or supplant this.
      > I do not know how many of you are interested in a Czernowitzers meeting
      > and
      > what various people expect the program to be, or when and for how long we
      > should meet.
      > I think it would be best if all who are interested answer the following
      > questions:
      > 1. Are you interested in a "Czernowitzers" meeting which would take place
      > in Israel in the winter of 2006?
      > 2. Would you like the meeting to last:
      > a) 3 days
      > b) a shorter time, how long?
      > c) a longer time, how long?
      > 3. Please suggest activities for inclusion in the program.
      > 4. Where in Israel would you like the meeting to be held?
      > Please be specific.
      > 5. How inclusive, or exclusive would you like this meeting to be?
      > a) Shall journalists and photographers be admitted?
      > b) Shall admittance be limited to Jewish Czernowitzers, their
      > descendants and family members?
      > 6. Who shall have the copyright to any material presented at the meeting?
      > Personally, I would like the meeting to last 2 - 3 days.
      > Preferably on or about the 3rd, 4th and 5th of December 2006.
      > This is before Chanukah and Christmas vacations and before
      > the price of airline tickets and hotel rooms goes up.
      > I do not know whether to have the meeting on a Saturday or not.
      > If we do, observant people will not be able to attend, if we do not,
      > working people may not be able to attend.
      > I would like the program to include talks and discussions about various
      > topics related to Jewish Czernowitz, possibly an exhibition of Czernowitz
      > memorabilia and an exhibition of Czernowitz maps and photographs. Also an
      > exhibition of Czernowitz-related books in print.
      > On the lighter side, I would welcome an evening of Czernowitz anecdotes
      > and
      > jokes, if possible also a joint meal of Czernowitz style food.
      > I suggest that this meeting not involve any joint travel arrangements and
      > or
      > hotel bookings.
      > It would be best if the answers to the above set of questions would be
      > sent
      > to the whole list. I am willing to tabulate the results.
      > Greetings to all,
      > Mimi
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