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Repeat of message about Cz. Jewish cemetery

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  • Miriam Taylor
    Dear Czernowitzers, The following is a copy of a message I sent to the Cz. - List on May 31. Since then, I have been busy traveling and when at home, taking
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2006
      Dear Czernowitzers,

      The following is a copy of a message I sent to the Cz. - List on May 31.
      Since then, I have been busy traveling and when at home, taking care of my
      grandchildren, but I received no replies to this letter and therefore am
      sending it again. Sorry that many of you will get it in duplicate, but I am
      sending it to both lists, in case some of you subscribe to just one of them.

      > Dear Czernowitzers,
      > My previous letter about the clean-up of the Jewish cemetery of Chernivtsi was
      > relatively vague about what I would like to see accomplished. In the present
      > letter I hope to outline a practical plan and a detailed list of what I think
      > needs to be done.
      > Known facts about the cemetery:
      > 1. The size of the cemetery is approximately 70,000 square meters.
      > 2. There exists a cemetery administration, any work done in the cemetery
      > requires the consent of this administration.
      > 3. The cemetery is totally neglected, no one takes care of the paths,
      > the fence or does anything to control the rampant vegetation.
      > 4. The prayer house at the entrance to the cemetery is in ruins.
      > Aim of proposed cleanup and restoration:
      > 1. The removal of weeds and small bushes from the grounds of the cemetery.
      > It is questionable whether the removal of trees is advisable, because as
      > the roots decay, the ground may sink and with it the graves in the
      > vicinity.
      > 2. The paving or placement of gravel on the cemetery paths.
      > 3. Establishing a plan and fund for the regular maintenance of the cemetery.
      > 4. Repairing the fence around the cemetery, or constructing a new one.
      > 5. Repairing or rebuilding the Prayer house.
      > The first 3 points are all linked together, no point in removing the
      > vegetation if it is allowed to grow back.
      > Repairing the fence and repairing or rebuilding the prayer house, are not tied
      > or dependant on the clean-up of the cemetery. Repairing or rebuilding the
      > fence and prayer house will also be far more expensive than a one time cleanup
      > of the cemetery.
      > I propose that for the time being, we only clean the cemetery of vegetation,
      > repave or cover with gravel the paths and establish a mechanism for the
      > maintenance of the cemetery.
      > We need Information about:
      > 1. The legal status of the cemetery.
      > 2. Herbicides approved for use in the US and Europe, the legality of using
      > them in the Ukraine.
      > 3. Generally approved mechanisms of cemetery maintenance and preservation.
      > 4. How to establish a fund and society for the clean-up and preservation
      > of the cemetery. Whether it is advisable to establish a tax exempt fund.
      > 5. Proper, prudent and legal means of managing the fund.
      > 6. Existing organizations which may provide us with expertise and or money.
      > Anyone who has knowledge of any of the needed information, or is willing to do
      > the needed research, please get involved and volunteer to supply us with the
      > needed information.
      > I am in contact with members of the Jewish community of Chernivtsi and hope
      > that they will provide the rest of us with the information on point 1.
      > I realize that many of you will ask whether we have a chance of accomplishing
      > anything, before you decide to take on the work of researching a given topic.
      > I am most certainly not an expert on any of the topics involved, but I reason
      > as follows:
      > The size of the cemetery is about 70,000 square meters. My guess is that the
      > cost of manual unskilled labor in Chernivtsi is about $3 per hour. I do not
      > know the cost of herbicides and paving materials. On the assumption that one
      > man can clean 10 square meters in one hour (this does not include the removal
      > of trees, which may be inadvisable anyhow) a one time removal of bushes and
      > weeds should require 7,000 work hours. At $3 per hour this comes to $21,000.
      > Hauling away the bushes, paving the paths and a one time spraying with
      > herbicides should not cost more than $25.000 I therefore calculate, that the
      > one time cost of cleaning up the cemetery should be about $46,000.
      > Add to that $2,000 for administrative costs and the total is $48,000
      > I believe we could raise this sum, but to begin with, I would like to raise a
      > much smaller sum. If my estimates are not wildly inaccurate,
      > $4000 should be enough to clear all vegetation from an area of 75x75 meters,
      > or 5625 square meter, which is about 12.5% or 1/8 of the total area.
      > This would also provide a test as to how well the company chosen to do the
      > work was doing it. Once we have cleaned one area, we can clean another and
      > eventually the whole cemetery.
      > Please, all interested, write to the Cz.-List with proposals, opinions and
      > suggestions, if at all possible offer to research one topic thoroughly. This
      > is a big undertaking and we shall need many people to work on it.
      > Best regards,
      > Mimi
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