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So many thank yous are due...

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  • Renee Steinig
    Many thanks from Steve and me for all the people who played roles in making Czernowitz2006 so unique, meaningful, and memorable for us... * to Mimi Taylor, of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2006
      Many thanks from Steve and me for all the people who played roles in making
      Czernowitz2006 so unique, meaningful, and memorable for us...

      * to Mimi Taylor, of course, for undertaking the Herculean task of
      organizing the week -- advising, coordinating, acting as liaison to the
      hotel and the Jewish community, and so much more -- and for her continued
      efforts on behalf of the Czernowitz cemetery

      * to Danny Alon, for inspiring and coordinating donations to provide for the
      medical needs of the Jews of Czernowitz; we thank him for allowing us to do
      a mitzvah during our visit

      * to Nadia Brunstein and Gabriele Weissmann for the "small Jewish world
      connections" that brought us closer to our Czernowitz family

      * to Raanan Ellran, for arranging to get us from Lviv to Czernowitz and back
      safely, comfortably, and economically; we were even on his mind as he
      himself was almost out of the country, and his concerned phone call got us
      back to Lviv without stress and with a little time to snack and shmooze
      before departure

      * to Berti Glaubach, Abraham Kogan, and Alex Raviv, for the many times they
      helped us understand everything from Czernowitz's history to its maps and

      * to David Glynn, for setting up the enriching program of afternoon talks as
      well as Professor Rychlo's Saturday morning literary tour (and Marianne
      Hirsch, for patiently and carefully translating from German)

      * to those who shared their deep knowledge and intimate memories in the
      program of talks; how fortunate we were to have our "scholars in residence"
      -- Florence Heymann, Marianne Hirsch, and Leo Spitzer -- and moving and
      insightful presentations by David Glynn, Abraham Kogan, Joe Poras, Alexander
      Raviv, Charles Rosner, and Rita Shilo

      * to Mark Heckman for setting up and administering the Yahoo list with his
      usual good humor and courtesy

      * to Jackie Heymann, for leading our warm Kabbalat Shabbat "in the round" in
      the hotel on Friday evening and the poignant memorial service at the
      Czernowitz cemetery on Sunday

      * to Simon Kreindler, for his care and attention to the details of the
      shtetl trips; we were grateful for the opportunity to stand in the places
      where Steve's grandparents and great-grandparents once walked (Kostryzhivka,
      Zalishchyky, Tovste) and to say kaddish at the cemeteries where their
      landsmen were murdered; thank you also to Mark, Kathy, Alex, Sharon,
      Veronica, Raanan, and Bernardo for sharing those experiences with us

      * to Michael Prokaziuk, Frederick Andermann's son-in-law, for ably serving
      as our Ukrainian translator -- and saving us from dehydration on our long
      ride from Lviv to Czernowitz!

      * to Gabriele Weissmann, for arranging the screening of _Dieses Jahr in
      Czernowitz_, about the experiences of Czernowitz "returnees" like ourselves,
      and to our youngest participant, Emil Rennert, for sharing with us his
      moving film about the Jews of Radautz, _Eine verschwundene Welt_

      * and to those who worked behind the scenes, provided the input and advice
      to shape our week, and more.

      As a long-time volunteers, Steve and I know that all these arrangements must
      have required many more hours of your time than anyone can ever guess. We
      are most grateful.

      Also, very special thank yous...

      * to Bruce Reisch, without whose Czernowitz-L list we never would have
      connected in the first place

      * to all the new friends with whom we shared walks, rides, meals, and
      memories -- for your company and friendship.

      With warm wishes,


      Renee Steinig
      Dix Hills (Long Island), New York, USA
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