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      > Ok, here I have to put in my two cents' worth!
      > I arrived in Suceava with my parents in 1946 after crossing the border
      > from Czernowitz via Seret to Suceava.There were two reasons for our
      > choosing Suceava, the first one being that my father had one sister and
      > one brother there, the second being the fact that Suceava was some kind of
      > a diploma mill, where children who had missed out partially or completely
      > on schooling could enter exams and try to get some kind of paper, deserved
      > or not, stating that they have been to school.
      > I tried for the 4th and 5th lyceum class. Two big brawny male cousins
      > coached me unendlessly and I passed all the exams except math, of course.
      > Looking at the empty page which should have been filled with the
      > calculations, a young and hard-working teacher said to me:
      > -"Look, girl, I will give you a passing grade because...when I think that
      > you may appear here in front of me a second time, I may fall victim to a
      > premature heart attack!"
      > And I...who had tried flirting with him and believing that he liked
      > me..But so die dreams and illusions.
      > Anyway, they call it meshugge shotz because of a small, anemic stream
      > named "Shipot" (don't know why). The shipot flows among green hills and is
      > supposed to have magic powers, even cause colorful hallucinations; Walking
      > along the shipot was a general and very romantic way to spend an afternoon
      > or early evening.
      > Suceava is - was then- a very charming and personable small town. On top
      > of the mountain one can visit the ruins of a castle which housed Rumania's
      > famous Stefan cel Mare.
      > We remained in Suceava about 6 or 7 months before leaving for Bucharest
      > and from there to the Caribbean. I cried saying good-bye to the Shipot,
      > but when don't I cry? All my life I was fated to part from people and
      > places which I loved.
      > Please, Czernowitzers, enjoy seeing Suceava - this in my name too!. It has
      > a special charm, an unusual flavor of its own!
      > Have a good and enjoyable trip.
      > Sincerely, Lucca
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