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Reunion current information

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  • Miriam Taylor
    Dear Czernowitzers, I would like to inform all of you of the current state of our preparations for the reunion. Some of this may be old news to many of you,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2005
      Dear Czernowitzers,

      I would like to inform all of you of the current state of our preparations
      for the reunion. Some of this may be old news to many of you, but because
      quite a number of additional people have recently joined this group, I am
      I sending this information to all of you.

      Arthur Rindner has done quite a lot of research into the possible ways of
      traveling to Chernivtsi from Israel, from Bucharest and from Kiev. At this
      time, flight and train schedules and prices for next May are not yet known.
      As these become available in December or January Arthur will send updates to
      all of us. We assume that each one of us will make our own traveling
      arrangements to one of the above mentioned places, but that we may make
      joint travel arrangements for the last part of the journey if it seems
      feasible to do so.

      Chernivtsi has only two hotels large enough to accommodate all of us: the
      hotel Bukovyna and the hotel Cheremosh.
      Information about both hotels can be found on the official website of the
      city of Chernivtsi: <http://www.city.cv.ua/>
      The website of the hotel Bukovyna is at: < http://www.hotel.cv.ua/>
      The website of the hotel Cheremosh is at: <http:cheremosh.chv.ukrpack.net>

      I would advise all of you to search the net for information and
      recommendations for both of these hotels. I have stayed in the Cheremosh in
      2003 and 2004.It does not offer the same standard of comfort as the average
      hotels in the US, Israel or western Europe, but it was clean, there always
      was hot and cold running water, toilet paper, functioning elevator, etc. On
      the fifth floor the rooms have been renovated, they have double beds instead
      of the narrow single beds and they have ceiling fans. The food was
      reasonable and safe. The hotel was honest, safe and free of hassle.

      I have no personal information about the hotel Bukovyna, except that it is
      much closer to the center of town, about one and one half km. From the
      Two members of our group have visited Chernivtsi more recently and I hope
      they will share their impressions of the hotels with all of us.

      I have written to both hotels.
      This is the reply I received from the hotel Cheremosh:

      Dear Mrs. Taylor,
      we confirm hotel reservation for the grp coming in May 18 leaving May 25,
      50 people.Our hotel is a 3 star hotel ( rooms with a bathroom, TV, fridge,
      fans), there is lift at the hotel.
      ACCOMMODATION rates:
      rack rates:
      1-st category rooms ( refurbished ones ), located in the 5-th floor, rooms
      with wide beds:
      SGL occupancy: $ 45 + $ 4 breakfast = $ 49
      Accommodation of couples: $ 61 + $ 8 ( breakfast for 2 persons ) = $ 69
      10 % discount: $ 55 + $ 8 = $ 63

      Double rooms of the 1-st category ( 4-tgh floor ):
      $ 59 + $ 8 br. = $ 67
      10 % discount: $ 53 + $ 8 = $ 61

      SGL rooms of the 1-st category ( 11-th floor ):
      $ 33 + $ 4 = $ 37
      10 % discount: $ 30 + $ 4 = $ 34

      The tourists who will stay 7 and more nights will have 10 % discount from
      the rack rates.


      Dinner: $ 9, Supper : $ 8


      I have asked for additional information and for a further discount beyond
      the 10% they have offered and am awaiting their reply.

      I have written to the hotel Bukovyna twice, but so far they have not
      answered me. Cornel Fleming is trying to obtain information from them and
      I am in contact with a Jewish Czernowitzer in Chernivtsi and he too, is
      making inquiries at the hotel Bukovyna on our behalf.

      We are collecting information on guides, translators, and drivers to take
      those who wish, to neighboring villages, small towns and to Transnistria.
      If any of you have such information and have as yet not sent it to me,
      please send it to me or Simon Kreindler. For ease of compiling the
      information, please send it by filling out the form included below.


      1. Your name __________________________

      2. Name of guide, translator, etc. ______________________________

      3. Address, E-mail, phone at which this person can be reached ____________

      4. What service or help did this person provide? ________________________

      5. When did you use the services of this person? _____________________

      6. How much and at what rate did you pay this person? ___________________

      7. Would you recommend this person to others? ________________

      8. What language or languages does this person speak?_____________________


      Best regards to all,

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