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Re: [czernowitz2006] erev shabbat services

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  • Miriam Taylor
    Miriam (Mimi) Taylor ... Dear all, This morning I spoke to Rabbi Glitzenstein and I can now give you the updated information pertaining
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2006
      Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <mirtaylo@...>

      > Dear group,
      > If kabbalat shabbat by the
      > rabbi of the Tchernivtsy community is part of the experience of
      > our reunion, it is very well. But perhaps this is complicated for the rabbi
      > if
      > he has a lo to walk t.
      > I just recall you that my husband Jacky Heymann is orthodox and can, without
      > problem, organize the Friday evening prayers at the hotel as well as the
      > kidouch (Friday evening
      > and shabbat morning).
      > If you think it will be easier.
      > Florence Heymann

      Dear all,

      This morning I spoke to Rabbi Glitzenstein and I can now give you the
      updated information pertaining to our plans for Friday evening May 19.

      In our initial plans for this evening, we thought that those of us who were
      interested, would attend Friday evening services at the local synagogue.

      When Wolfgang Schaechter contacted rabbi Glitzenstein, the rabbi offered to
      come to the hotel for Kidush.

      Apparently it does not get dark in Czernowitz till 21:00, therefore the
      rabbi thought he could take a taxi to the hotel and only have to walk, on
      his way back.

      Some of you have written me, that you would prefer to go to the synagogue on
      Friday evening, so you would participate in the service there.

      I have so far not reserved a room at the hotel for our use for Friday
      evening and considering how slow the hotel is in answering my Email, do not
      know whether I can do so.

      I therefore suggested that the rabbi come to the hotel on Saturday evening,
      when we have invited the members of the Jewish community for an after-dinner
      repast of cake, coffee and tea. Wolfi asked the rabbi whether he could then
      perform a Havdala service and the rabbi agreed. In my conversation with him
      this morning he confirmed that he would come for a Havdala service and come
      for a Friday Kidush, if we wanted him to come or not come, as we decide.

      I have decided on my own, I hope you will excuse me for this, that the rabbi
      should come for Havdala on Saturday evening.

      Now we have to decide about Friday evening. There are 3 alternatives:

      1. Go to synagogue for Friday evening prayers.
      2. Meet at the Cheremosh with Jacky Heyman leading the service.
      3. Invite the rabbi to the Cheremosh for a Kidush.

      All three alternatives are considered elective programs. By this I mean that
      those participating in them will have to pay for the use of a room at the
      Cheremosh, if that is what is required, or transportation to the synagogue
      and back. It is too far to walk for most of us.

      Please, anyone interested in any of the above alternatives, write me and
      tell me which one of them you choose.

      In the subject line of your email write: "Friday evening"
      Let me know which alternative you prefer and how many people in your group.

      Please answer me no later than Thursday May 4 and if possible much earlier.

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