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    Members of the group, Below is most of a message posted on the city website by Mayor Fedoruk. While we might assume that most of it is political rhetoric, at
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2005
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      Members of the group,
      Below is most of a message posted on the city website by Mayor Fedoruk. While
      we might assume that most of it is political rhetoric, at the very least it
      gives an address, and better yet an e-mail address where we might voice our
      I would suggest that we try to organize this to give our biggest impact as a
      group, rather than individual mailings. Perhaps we could sign this with our
      names and other information, and then have it translated into Ukrainian.
      Bruce Wexler
      Jackson, NJ USA
      “Help those, who work”. This truth is confirmed by unanimous decision of the
      Ukrainian Parliament of July 5, 2005 which approved the bill “On Measures to
      Support the Socio-Economic Development of Chernіvtsі to celebrate a 600-year
      Anniversary of the Foundation”. The leaders of the government, ministries, and
      the region pay necessary attention the upcoming event.
      We also remember that due to Victor Yushchenko’s personal initiative and
      support the restoration of the building of a regional affiliation of the National
      Bank of Ukraine was carried out at the beginning of 90th, that began renewal
      of other historical and architectural sights in the city.
      Dear townspeople: workers of industry, sphere of service, doctors, teachers,
      managers of all levels, including bodies of the population selfgovernment,
      students, pensioners and housewives! Everything depends on you depends how the
      city will meet this glorious anniversary. Every city-dweller must renew his
      dwelling and adjacent territory as well as plant trees, do everything possible in
      order to make Chernіvtsі became the city of exemplary public order and
      All together we must stop vandals, who maim nature and communal property. Is
      it possible to see how some people beggar Chernіvtsі: steal traffic-lights,
      hatch and grate, destroy tombstones, boards and monuments, children and sport
      playgrounds, break street lamps, benches and break the green planting?
      Every year the city government spends enormous resources to protect and
      renovation of the communal property, which are so necessary for medical service,
      education, culture and aid for needy people.
      People got tired from empty words. Thousands of promises will not replace one
      deed in the name of our city. Our active care about each other, about those,
      who need help, willingness to do good daily will allow us to meet the
      anniversary with dignity. Let’s join our physical, spiritual and financial efforts and
      will celebrate a glorious wake of our native Chernіvtsі.
      Only love is able to change everything for better. Let in every heart of our
      citizens this sainted, victorious sense will settle forever!
      Let’s love our hometown Chernіvtsі!
      May God bless Chernivtsi and its citizens!
      Sincerely yours, Mykola Fedoruk
      We are opened for reasonable ideas, how to make Chernіvtsі more attractive
      and more comfortable for its inhabitants and guests.
      The suggestions concerning celebration of a 600-year anniversary of Chernіvtsі
      you may send address:
      58000, Tsentral’na Ploscha, 1,
      Phone: 52-56-92, 58-43-39, Fax: +380 (372) 55-36-47,
      E-mail: mel@...

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      Ban the DH

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