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  • Dr.Alexander Raviv
    Rosnerch@aol.com wrote: From: Rosnerch@aol.com Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 09:23:53 EDT Subject: Re: Proud Ukrainian To: ravivhaifa@yahoo.com Hi Alex! I don t know
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      Rosnerch@... wrote: From: Rosnerch@...
      Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 09:23:53 EDT
      Subject: Re: Proud Ukrainian
      To: ravivhaifa@...

      Hi Alex!
      I don't know why, but I'm unable to compose or reply to messages on our Cz2006Yahoo site: I just get the "From" and "To" fields in the window, but it's impossible to write a message. Anyway, if you find this message interesting, please forward it to the group.
      So, further to your message about being a proud Ukrainian, here is some additional information:
      1) When I first went to the civilian archives at the Cz-er townhall in September 2003, I had to show my French ID before I could ask for my and my mother’s birth certificates - I was born there August 1941. To my great surprise, I was issued an Ukrainian ID-card (I believe that’s what it is), but bearing no picture. I still have it and carry it with me whenever I’m in Ukraine
      2) Your reference about Ukrainians who spoke Yiddish is interesting: my father’s youngest sister (my aunt) married a guy called Titus (we called him “Titsiu”) Worobciuk (approximate spelling) who spoke perfectly Yiddish! I don’t know if this is a frequent name over there, but it’s an interesting coincidence. I do not remember him (although I have some pictures where he appears); all I know is that he was a “very good guy” according to my parents. I believe my aunt divorced after the war, maybe early fifties, and immigrated to the US (where she married another guy called Blaiwais) and later to Israel where she died a few years ago. As for Titsiu, I understand he stayed in Bucarest after the divorce and is certainly dead by now.

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