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Cz Reunion shtetl and Transnistria trip update (April 1/06)

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  • Simon Kreindler
    Dear Czernowitzers: I have been waiting for information from the guides in Cz in order to update you about the planned shtetl trips but it has been slow coming
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006
      Dear Czernowitzers:

      I have been waiting for information from the guides in Cz in order to
      update you about the planned shtetl trips but it has been slow coming
      and unfortunately, I still don’t have it all. I wanted to give you a
      firm price for each trip and arrange for payment in advance, but this is
      not going to be possible. The reason is the guides cannot get the
      drivers to quote them a firm price due to the fluctuating cost of
      gasoline. In fact, they will only know this very close to the time of
      our arrival. I have arranged for a bus with toilet for the Transnistria
      trip but am still waiting for hotel information for the overnight stay

      In the meantime, I have made firm commitments to each guide and asked
      for a large enough vehicle for the number of members who subscribed to
      each trip. I am therefore expecting each of you to honor the reservation
      you made and pay the cost of any trip(s) you confirmed even if you
      change your mind between now and when they take place.

      When we get to Cz, I will ask each of you for payment in US dollars -
      which is how I have to pay the guides/drivers. Since I will still have
      many last minute details to look after, I would appreciate it if you
      would find me rather than make me have to search for you.

      Below is a list of trips, each with it’s own identifying code. This is
      how we will identify the vehicles at the hotel in Cz so you will know
      which is the right one for your trip. The itinerary follows (although
      not necessarily in order) and names of those holding reservations.

      TRIP AAA
      Monday morning, May 22nd
      Vaslovitsy / Zastavna / Zaleshchiki / Gorodenka / Tovtse

      Mark Heckman & Kathy Loretz
      Renee & Steve Steinig
      Alex Raviv

      Total of 5 members

      TRIP BBB
      Monday morning May 22nd
      Sadagora / Zastavna / Czezina

      Florence and Jacky Heymann
      David Glynn
      Abraham Kogan and son
      Cora Schwartz
      Yehudit Yerushalmi and Alfred Terris

      Total of 8 members


      Trip DDD
      Tuesday morning May 23rd
      Hotin / Kamenets Podolsky

      Raanan & Veronica Ellran and Veronica's brother Bernardo
      Sharon Fitch
      Renee & Steve Steinig
      Total of 6 members

      Trip EEE
      Monday morning May 22nd
      Kamennya / Davidivka / Banila Moldova / Wisnitz

      Miriam Taylor
      Peter Medilanski
      Rita & Gidi Shilo and Rita’s sister
      Simon & Lisa Kreindler
      Total of 7 members


      Trip FFF
      Tuesday (all day) May 23rd
      Ilintse / Zablotiv // Kolomea / Nadvorna / Solotvina
      Simon and Lisa Kreindler


      Trip GGG
      Wednesday morning May 24th
      Sadagora, / Ocna / Oleyevo Korolevka/ Pogorelovka
      Simon and Lisa Kreindler
      Mimi Taylor
      Total of 3 members

      Transnistria Trip
      Leaving Tuesday morning May 22nd and returning Wednesday May 23rd

      Mogilev / Shargarod / Bershad / Budi

      Marianne Hirsch & Leo Spitzer
      Danny and David Alon
      Yehudit Yerushalmi & Alfred Terris
      Arthur and Greta Rindner
      Rita and Gidi Shilo
      Peter Medilanski
      Florence & Jacky Heymann
      Wolf Schaechter and wife
      Gerhard Waldhorn
      Asher Turtel and wife
      Cora Schwartz
      Total of 19 members

      I hope these arrangements accurately reflect your wishes but if there
      are errors, please let me know as soon as possible. Please note, I am
      not asking for changes you may have decided you would like to make at
      this time, I'm sorry, it's too late for that.

      Best regards,

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