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RE: [czernowitz2006] Election results

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  • Jerry Lapides
    Bruce and all, Thank you for selecting me to the Czernowitz 2006 committee. Jerry Lapides, Ph.D. ... From: czernowitz2006@yahoogroups.com
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      Bruce and all,

      Thank you for selecting me to the Czernowitz 2006 committee.

      Jerry Lapides, Ph.D.

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      Ekgaus; Miriam and Ilan Lava; Siegfried Peretz; Judy Tabak; Abraham Kogan
      Subject: [czernowitz2006] Election results

      Dear Czernowitzers:

      The vote to elect committee members to oversee arrangements for the
      Czernowitz Reunion 2006 is now over and I would like to announce the
      results. The new five person committee will be:

      Cornel Fleming
      Lucca Ginsburg
      Ruth Gold
      Jerry Lapides
      Miriam (Mimi) Taylor
      (listed alphabetically)

      Congratulations to the winners, and sincerest thanks go to all those
      who were willing to be nominated and commit the time necessary to
      make this reunion a success. Now it will be up to the committee to
      make sure that what takes place next May in Czernowitz is as
      satisfying as possible to as many attendees as possible. I wish I
      could be there myself, and I wish you all a very successful,
      educational, and fulfilling visit.

      Bruce Reisch
      Geneva, New York


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