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  • Miriam Taylor
    Miriam (Mimi) Taylor ... Dear all, Thank you Gabriele, although, please do take a vote of all the participants And only the
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2006
      Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <mirtaylo@...>

      > Dear Mimi, dear all,
      > It is not a question of discrimination. Not at all. I understood Mimi's
      > arguments very well, and I agree with almost every point she mentions. I
      > would like to mention
      > a point which seems very important to. I mean the specific, spiritual
      > Jewish common sphere created and conditioned by the common history of
      > our people.
      > This is a dimension which can by no means be experienced by Gentiles.
      > The common wavelength which exists between us cannot be extended to
      > other nations and religions. This is what has kept us together for 2000
      > years of Galut.
      > Since the Reunion is, as I understand, meant to be a forum of expressing
      > and for sharing our experiences, feelings, unanswered questions,
      > nostalgic memories traumatisms, unfinished grievance processes, deep
      > emotions, visions, being all part of our private and intimate life, I,
      > for myself, find that the Reunion should be kept as a "closed" event. Do
      > we have to show off?
      > However, if the committee (and that's why we have a committee,) decides
      > otherwise, I shall accept their decision and behave accordingly.If Ms.
      > Rostos is accepted (she seems a very nice, interested and interesting
      > young person, speaks excellent English) , then all the others who _might
      > _want to come as observers,_
      > s_hould be welcomed. Although, Mimi and Reunion, if there are observers,
      > won't we be inhibited?
      > As to what Charles writes - usually one talks about two Jews and three
      > opinions. Thank goodness, the Jewish nation has so much brain-power that
      > there is no limit to the amount of opinions and ideas, I am sure the two
      > could come up with another 100 opinions! But among civilized people one
      > should reach an agreement.
      > I doubt whether there will by any more reporters or journalists or
      > film-directors asking about coming. However, it does not seem right to
      > censure what they would be doing. No censorship please. You can't shut
      > people's mouth.
      > And as to Hollywood, Charles - with Glanz, Glory and Glamour -they
      > have been making their big business this way, otherwise they would be
      > dead today.
      > I strongly disagree about the comments regarding the films of Volker
      > Koepp - who has seen "Herr Zwilling und Frau Zuckermann" will agree that
      > it is an excellent movie, it has had great success in Germany and is
      > being shown regularly on TV. It has become a "cult" film here. The
      > second one is maybe not so good because there are a lot of characters in
      > the film, and not all so directly connected to Czernowitz. However, they
      > are not sad films by any means., perhaps a bit melancholy, - Koepp
      > looks beyond the faces of the persons speaking, and his language is at
      > the same time poetical and realistic.
      > Last year my husband travelled with Koepp to Czernowitz, and for the
      > first time, the two films were
      > shown at the "Cinemagoga", the converted synagogue. The hall was packed,
      > a very mixed audience, and there was simultaneous translation. There was
      > a discussion afterwards, and the reactions from the audience were mixed.
      > There were several persons who were upset that Koepp had not shown "more
      > about
      > modern Czernowitz and what good things have happened since the war.
      > Koepp's reply was that he didn't know what to show, the glorious
      > buildings of the communist era, the great situation of the working
      > people, who don't know when their salaries come, or don't have enough
      > money, or , or Other persons complained that the films were only about
      > Jews-yet in the first film we see the Ukrainian farmers and their
      > festivities, in the second film there are at least 2 non-Jewish local
      > characters, the old German Mr. Schlamp and the young Ukrainian student
      > Tanja, who have a lot to tell. That's how people react. They see what
      > they want to see.
      > I will bring the two videos of the film to the Reunion, and perhaps in
      > the evenings there will be time to see them, for those who are interested.
      > All this does not mean that I want Koepp to come. He is just interested
      > in any event taking place in Czernowitz. And for the other
      > journalist/cameraman, I don't even know him, he was recommended to me by
      > the former director of the Bosch Foundation in Czernowitz.
      > All this will make things easier or more difficult?
      > My best regards to all of you, and to the Committee, who has been
      > working so hard.
      > Gabriele
      Dear all,

      Thank you Gabriele, although, please do take a vote of all the participants
      And only the participants, as on the last table of participants. The
      committee was elected a long time ago, before half of the current
      participants even know of the committee, also before we considered such

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