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Re: [czernowitz2006] A propos "outsiders"

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  • Abraham Kogan
    Hi, Mr. Rosner, I read all the recent e-mails regarding the presence of outsiders and whether we should keep the reunion, as far as possible, as a kind of
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2006
      Hi, Mr. Rosner,

      I read all the recent e-mails regarding the presence of "outsiders" and whether we should keep the reunion, as far as possible, as a kind of private and intimate event in our life. So, in order to avoid any bad feelings or unnecessary dispute it seems to me that the best solution would be to stay away of all those "outsiders". We will hopefully survive without any films, articles, studies, interviews by journalists, sociologists, psychologists, etc.
      Regards, AK
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      From: Charles Rosner
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      Subject: [czernowitz2006] A propos "outsiders"

      Warum muss es denn so sein, dass wenn mehr als drei Juden zusammenkommen, so gibt es gleich zwei Parteien und viel Zankereien?

      I'm sorry, but none of those who expressed their opinion in that quarrel about "outsiders", actually touched the real problem. The question is not whether the group should or not accepts such "outsiders", but rather whether they are reliable and will thereafter produce a correct (ie. in conformity with our wishes) report of any kind, be it in the form of an article, a movie, some study, etc.
      Personnaly I don't mind the presence of a scientist, or a journalist - I have been interviewed a few times in my carreer - or even a moviemaker, at all events of the reunion; but I would first try and find out more about that person and his/her work; if it's a journalist, I would ask in advance for a resumé of the questions and I would insist on reading the paper or screening the movie before its release, in order to be able to correct any potential misunderstanding. Of course, this professional would still be free to decide about his/her work, but at least this would avoid such misunderstandings by someone not familiar with the subject.
      For example, for those who have seen W. Koepp's movies, I would not accept his presence: his movies only depict sadness and sorrows. and I'm saying this, although my cousins Weissmann appear in the second movie "This year in Cz".
      Czernowitz was (and should remain) more than that in our memories. I believe we should - if at all - give a message of hope, not of despair.
      And, as I was told (by "people who knew") when I had to deal with Hollywood, we should "Beware of the three G's: Glanz, Glory and Glamour!"
      I hope nobody gets hurt with the content of this message: I'm really trying to help, out of experience. If you accept a moviemaker, keep the copyright and what goes with it (I mean the right to decide); if it's a journalist, check his/her past work and discuss the procedure; and if it's a scientist, check his/her opinion.

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