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  • Marianne Hirsch
    Dear Ioana, As a member of this group and a participant of the reunion, I d like to assure you that, as far as I am concerned, you are welcome to join in any
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2006
      Dear Ioana,

      As a member of this group and a participant of the reunion, I'd like
      to assure you that, as far as I am concerned, you are welcome to join
      in any and all activities we will be undertaking. None of us have
      had to prove our Czernowitz credentials: we are coming together not
      at all as a "family" (most of us have never met) but out of personal
      interest, care and respect for a city, its culture and its past.
      Your research is a valuable addition to our collective knowledge of
      that past.

      I look forward to meeting in Chernivtsi.


      Marianne Hirsch
      Professor of English and Comparative Literature
      Institute for Research on Women and Gender
      602 Philosophy Hall
      Columbia University
      New York, NY 10027
      (212) 854-5121


      On Mar 2, 2006, at 4:02 AM, Jane Rostos wrote:

      > Dear Mimi,
      > Thank you for your answer.
      > You made me feel a bit guilty�you see, I do have this complex of
      > being neither Jewish, nor in any way (except professionally, as you
      > justly noticed) related to the town of Czernowitz.
      > In that respect, I do hope that my presence won�t make anyone
      > feel awkward. I�m not planning on filming or taking pictures,
      > either, nor on playing the reckless reporter around all the people
      > to whom this Reunion means so much more than just a mere social get-
      > together. It�s a trip down the memory lane, a journey to the past,
      > a plunge deep down into a troubled rather than completely serene
      > Vergangenheit�whatever we might want to call it. That I do
      > understand and respect.
      > Also, should my presence become undesirable at some point or
      > another, I would certainly not try to impose myself in any way.
      > Though I would personally like to attend even the memorial service
      > and the discussions related to times way before I was born. I�ve
      > been attending quite a few meetings and ceremonies with the Jewish
      > Community in Radautz, and I occasionally go to other churches than
      > my own, and I always feel enriched afterwards. Sure, I�m the odd
      > person out, who doesn�t know the answering words during the
      > ceremonies, but that just comes with the territory�
      > So I hope that my joining the group is not going to be
      > misunderstood in any way. It is my (bad?) luck that I must concern
      > myself with this newspaper written (mostly) by Jews from
      > Czernowitz. I think that, in order to do a good job of it, I need
      > to re-create the atmosphere of those years�in any way I can. And
      > the Reunion might be just the right occasion�as for my emotional
      > involvement, don�t be surprised if every now and then I�ll be the
      > first to burst into tears�I tend to do that sometimes, like, when I
      > hear people talk about the Holocaust, for example.
      > That being said, I�ll end here. Please note that I�m not
      > expecting anyone and everyone to receive me with open arms. It
      > would be very rewarding to me if I simply was accepted.
      > Thank you, Ioana.
      > Dear Ioana, Thanks for the information about transportation from
      > Suceava to Chernivtsi. According to David Glynn and Arthur Rindner,
      > you have been most helpful. People will either write to you
      > directly, or to Arthur Rindner who is the member of the committee,
      > who is in charge of making transportation arrangements. As to your
      > participating in the "Czernowitz Reunion 2006": Participation in
      > the "Czernowitz Reunion 2006" is not restricted. You are therefore
      > welcome to join. To acquaint yourself with all our previous
      > discussions and decisions please read the past messages in the
      > yahoo group czernowitz2006. All of us who are participating in the
      > reunion are either Jewish Czernowitzers, their descendants or
      > friends and family members. Our program for the reunion is based on
      > this fact. Your interest in the reunion is professional rather than
      > emotional. My personal opinion (NOT representative of the whole
      > group, also not of the committee) is that there will be occasions
      > when your presence
      > will inhibit us in our behavior and discussions. These occasions
      > include: 1. The memorial service at the cemetery on May 21. 2. The
      > discussion session about the period of WW2 3. The discussion
      > session about our memories and thoughts about Czernowitz. Please
      > understand, that for most of us this is the first and only
      > opportunity to be with others like us in the city where we were
      > born and spent our childhood. We will not want to be observed or
      > studied. We have agreed not to let anyone film, photograph,
      > videotape or record us, except by permission of those being
      > photographed or taped. In my opinion the Czernowitz Reunion 2006 is
      > to be treated similarly to a private family occasion. I suggest
      > that if you want to interview some of us, you come to Chernivtsi
      > for part of the time we will be there and interview those who want
      > to be interviewed. As to your question about passes and name tags:
      > Each participant in the reunion will have to pay a fee to cover the
      > cost of buses for the tour and
      > walk of Czernowitz, the cost of the bus to take us to the cemetery
      > for the memorial service and the cost of using the conference room
      > for the talks and discussion. We will collect this fee in advance
      > and everyone who pays, will receive a conference pass, which will
      > entitle him or her to participate in the above mentioned joint
      > activities. All the best, Mimi
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