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Fwd: [czernowitz2006] Cz. Jewish cemetery maps

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    Dear Mimi, Thanks so much for your efforts. You and Bruce have done a great job. I can tell the group that directly from Bruce s efforts, I was able, last May,
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 13, 2006
      Dear Mimi,

      Thanks so much for your efforts. You and Bruce have done a great job.
      I can tell the group that directly from Bruce's efforts, I was able,
      last May, to stand at the graves of six of my ancestors. I wish you all
      the same success and joy that this brought.

      Bruce Wexler
      Jackson, NJ

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      Dear Czernowitzers,

      I should have explained earlier that the current map of the cemetery
      NOT show the parcel designation which was used in the prewar years. If
      have the parcel and grave number as it was before the war and as it is
      recorded in the burial registers or was handed down in your family, the
      current map alone will not be useful in finding a particular grave.

      Some years ago, a group of volunteers from JGS Ottawa, which funded the
      entire project, photographed the whole burial register and all the
      gravestones in the cemetery. The location of every gravestone according
      to the current map, or a slight variation of it was noted.

      Bruce Reisch is trying to derive a map which will show the old parcel
      numbers. He is doing this by correlating the parcel numbers given in the
      burial registers with the photographed tombstones and their location on
      the current map, or the variation of it, which was used by the
      who took the photographs.
      The aim is to correlate the old Parcel numbers with the new "Area"

      It is not simply a form of translation. Some new "areas" include more
      one old parcel (Parzele) and some old parcels are now in more than one
      area. The derived map of the cemetery and its parcel designation, as it
      before the war, will not be completely free of errors. But with both
      maps in
      hand, by superimposing one map on the other we should be able to find
      graves we are looking for.

      Best regards,



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