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RE: [czernowitz2006] Reunion shtetl visits and Transnistria trip

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  • Andermann, Lisa Dr.
    Dear Simon, Here is the information about the villages the Andermanns would like to visit. It seems like I will stay for the whole week, and return with my
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 12, 2006
      Dear Simon,

      Here is the information about the villages the Andermanns would like to
      visit. It seems like I will stay for the whole week, and
      return with my family to Lviv on the 25th. I was trying to return earlier
      to Toronto for a conference, but it seems like I would miss too much of the
      reunion and it would be difficult to have this family trip at any other

      Again, we are 6 people.

      We would definately like to see:

      (Places 1-6 are all possible in the same day and are very close together)

      1) Khotyn (Chotin)

      2) BORSHCHIV is the Ukrainian name. Polish name (as well as Austrian place
      name): Borszczow. Russian name: Borshchev.
      It is small town in WESTERN UKRAINE, which numbers about 12.000 people.
      Located in southern part of Ternopil region, in south eastern part historic
      area Halychyna (Galizien, Galicia, Galizia, Galicja) which was part of
      Austria (1772 - 1918), Poland (1920 - 1939), Soviet Union (1939 - 1991).
      Nowadays it is district center in Ternopilska oblast of Western Ukraine.

      3) BABYNTSI (Babince, Babintsy) - village 18 km south of Borshchiv.

      4) MELNYTSYA PODILSKA (Mielnica Podolska, Mlyn Podolski, Melnitsa
      Podolskaya) -
      small town on river Dniester. 32 km straight south from Borshchiv.

      5) Dzwiniaczka- small village very near Babyntsi

      6) Jezierzany (Also called Jezersany, Ozieran, Yezerzhany, Yezezhany,
      Yezierne, Yezyerzany)
      Administrative District: Borszczów
      7.3 miles NW of Borshchiv (Borszczów)

      On other days, we would like to see:

      7) Kolomyya (Kolomea)


      8) Sniatyn is a border town nestled on the banks of the Prut River--close to
      the Romanian border, and historically was a trade crossing to Romania. It is
      about 170 miles SSE of Lvov-- between Kolomyja in the West and Chernovits in
      the East.

      9) BUCZACZ (Buchach) - 33.3 miles SSW of Tarnopol

      10) Optional: Last of all, do you know if anyone is travelling to Suceava or
      Seret (Siret) in Romania? Would it be very difficult to cross the border by

      Thank you again for all your help.


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      Subject: [czernowitz2006] Reunion shtetl visits and Transnistria trip

      Dear Czernowitzers:

      A week ago I sent you an e mail (February 5, 2006) requesting that you
      reconfirm the shtetls you wanted to visit as well as your interest in
      going on the trip to Transnistria. Some of you responded, indicating
      places you wanted to visit (some of which were different from those you
      had earlier expressed an interest in). This was fine, at least I knew
      you are coming and where you definitely wanted to go.

      Some of you responded but gave me names of shtetls I don't recognize or
      can't locate on my maps. Because you have not given me any idea where
      they are relative to Czernowitz, I am not able to include them on the
      list I will give to the guides. Consequently, unless you let me know
      soon, these places may not be included in the itineraries.

      Many of you have not responded at all (either to confirm that you are
      coming or giving me names of towns you definitely want to see). I
      understand that some of you cannot confirm at this time for health or
      other reasons. I will do the best I can to help depending on when you
      are able to let me know if you are coming.

      In my earlier e mail, I tried to make it clear that in order to plan
      itineraries for these trips with the guides, I have to be sure you are
      coming and I need to know how many will be in your party.

      Unless you reconfirm with me by February 20th, regarding the towns you
      are definitely interested, your name will be dropped from the list and
      trip itineraries based only on RECONFIRMATIONS received.

      At this time, there are 14 members signed up for the Transnistria trip
      which will visit Mogilev, Shargorod, Bershad and Budi.

      As for the half day trips, the only confirmed shtetls I have are:

      Sadagora, Zastavna, Zaleshchiki, Tovtse, Kamenets Podolsky,
      Oleyevo-Korolevka, Ocna/Vikno, Kemennya, Zablotiv, Ilintse, Czeczina,
      Novosiletz, Storojinets, Wisnitz, Banila Moldova, Vaskivici/Washkowzy,
      Dolgopol'ye / Campulung Rus., Chotin/Khotin and Gorodenka/Horodenka.

      If your shtetls are not on this list please e mail me.

      Again, I look froward to hearing from you soon,




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