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Would anyone else like to give a talk?

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  • David Glynn
    Dear Czernowitzers, As you probably know, I am trying to organise the talks and discussions for the reunion. Some time ago Mimi sent out a questionnaire,
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 4, 2006
      Dear Czernowitzers,

      As you probably know, I am trying to organise the talks and discussions for the reunion. Some time ago Mimi sent out a questionnaire, asking people who might be interested in giving a talk to let her know, and a number of people responded. There is still an opportunity for other people, who may have hesitated previously, or who may be new members of the group, to present talks.

      Provisional schedule

      Mimi has proposed that in order to allow time for everyone who wishes to present a talk, and also adequate time for moderated discussion, we should have 5 sessions of 2 and a half hours each (with a short break). We are planning a "chronological" approach, and currently envisage the sessions being arranged thus:

      1. Austrian period

      2. Inter-war period

      3. Inter-war period continued

      4. The War

      5. Post-war - Emotional and intellectual ties to Czernowitz by Czernowitzers and their descendants.

      Each session would have an Introduction, followed by 2 or 3 talks, to be followed by a moderated discussion. The time allowed for each talk will probably be 20 or 25 minutes, to be followed by 5 minutes of questions specifically relating to the talk. As the overall programme becomes more definite, I will be able to be more specific about how much time we can allow for each talk.

      Talks offered so far

      Irene Fishler - Excerpts from her father's "Autobiografische Notizzen"

      Erica Glynn - "We Called it "Czernowitz"" - Based largely on personal experience, this talk describes life in 1930s Czernowitz, from the point of view of a somewhat precocious teenager. Personal reminiscences yield a glimpse of what Czernowitz was, and is now lost. (to be presented by me)

      Florence Heymann - Introduction to the Inter-war period.

      Leo Spitzer - Introduction to the Austrian period.

      Abraham Kogan - Brief presentation regarding the education system in Czernowitz between the two world wars, or, alternatively, during the period 1940-1944.

      Joe Poras - His family's connection to Czernowitz and Bukowina, 1870 - 1910. "The Kurort - Sanitorium and the Jewish summer social scene as it was then."

      Rita Shilo - Talk based on an extensive manuscript written by her father about his memories of Czernowitz

      Miriam Taylor - Based on family stories and letters her grandfather wrote about his childhood and youth in Czernowitz, she might be able to give a talk about the reasons people moved to Czernowitz and vicinity, how traditional and religious Jews adapted to life in it and the early Zionist movements within it.

      If anyone else would like to offer to talk, please let me know, and tell me what subject you have in mind. As you will see, we currently have more talks on the Inter-War Period than on the Austrian period or WW2.

      Best regards,


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