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Any Czernowitzer in France?

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  • frenchczern
    Hello everybody! My name is Charles Rosner and my cousins Weissmann, living in Berlin, gave me the address of your site. I m French, I live in the south of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      Hello everybody!
      My name is Charles Rosner and my cousins Weissmann, living in Berlin,
      gave me the address of your site. I'm French, I live in the south of
      France near Aix-en-Provence, where I recently retired after an
      international career. I was born in Czernowitz, lived there until
      1945 and, finally, arrived in France in 1948 at the age of seven. I
      speak French, English and German.
      I'm not at all religious, I won't walk through the streets of
      Czernowitz with tears in my eyes, but I believe some memory should be
      kept for future generations.
      For those who lived in Czernowitz in the thirties (or whose parents
      told them about what happened there in 1936): my mother was Rosa
      Wagner, a sister of Edi Wagner who had organised that balalaika
      orchestra, with folklore songs and dances and who died in August
      1936, after having been taken and tortured by the Rumanian fascist
      police. This dramatic event is mentioned in the excellent book "Le
      Crépuscule des Lieux" by Florence Heymann (she calls my
      mother "Rouja" in the text)
      And for those who lived in Paris in the period 1950 – 1990 and who
      knew or heard of Dr. David Kraft (also mentioned in the book): I was
      once married with his niece, Martine.
      So, now that you know me :) … I would like to know more about you,
      and especially about those who live in France: I thought there were
      very few Czernowitzer in this country and that, even among those few,
      there is absolutely no interest for Bukowina or Czernowitz. These
      places could as well be on another planet.
      As a matter of fact, they are on another planet. That is why my first
      project when I retired was to write a kind of family chronicle for my
      children and for those who would come after them. It took me two
      years: I read books, did some in-depth research, as well in
      Czernowitz as in Vienna and other places, looked through all
      documents and other papers of my parents, drafted a kind of
      genealogical tree – about 450 people – and, finally wrote that
      chronicle in French. It goes back to the middle of 19th century and
      the title is "Etes-vous (aussi) de Czernowitz?"
      I have never been a member of any group (I'm very independent) and,
      in addition, I have right now a very serious family problem to solve:
      this is to say that I don't know yet whether I will be able to join
      your group's visit to Czernowitz in May 2006.
      But, at this stage, I would really like to know how many of you (and
      who) in France are interested by Czernowitz.
      My other e-mail address is < rosnerch@... >
      Charles Rosner
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