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lookups in the czernovitz burial register

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  • mrgltshl
    dear bruce, i m very interested to find my grandparents tombstone in czernovitz. what i don t know, if there is more then one graveyard, in which of them they
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2006
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      dear bruce,
      i'm very interested to find my grandparents tombstone in czernovitz.
      what i don't know, if there is more then one graveyard, in which of
      them they are buried.
      i do have a photo of my grandmothers grave. her name was gisela
      margulies (the stone in hebrew writing says gisie margaliot), wife
      of chaim margaliot, and daughter of moshe mordechai hacohen.
      she died on 23.10.1936.

      i'm also looking for the gravestone of chaim margulies (margaliot),
      son of selig i'm not sure when he died, a think somewhere between

      will be very thankful for your help to locate the graves.
      best regards
      rita margalit-shilo
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      From: Bruce Reisch
      To: czernowitz2006@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 12:13 AM
      Subject: [czernowitz2006] Lookups in the Czernowitz burial registers

      Dear Reunion participants:

      For the last few years (yes, years!) I've been involved in an effort
      to computerize a burial register (now completed through 1948) for the
      Jewish cemetery in Czernowitz. I also have electronic photos of all
      the tombstones that remain in the Czernowitz cemetery - the one on
      Zelena Street. The final goal of the project is to post to the
      JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry a complete set of these
      tombstone photos with an index to all those that are still legible.
      The project was initiated by the Jewish Genealogical Society of
      Ottawa and is more completely described on the Cemetery Project
      section of the Czernowitz-L web site: http://czernowitz.ehpes.com

      To those of you who are hoping to visit the final resting place of
      your ancestors and relatives, I would like to make the following
      offer. Since the index to the burial register, and the index to the
      tombstone photographs, will NOT be online prior to your trip, I'm
      willing to provide you with a spreadsheet of information on burial
      locations derived from the register. I only ask that you send me
      your family surnames of interest and I will reply as my time permits
      and in the order in which your requests are received.

      Also, to aid you to find particular stones of importance, I am also
      willing to attempt to find just a few images of tombstones for you.
      To do so, I take the old "Parcel" locations, translate them into the
      Russian era "Area" locations, and look through the image files that
      are organized into folders based on the Area system. I've had good
      luck doing so, but I've also had some failures. Once you receive
      your spreadsheet, let me know which individuals you seek, and include
      the parcel/plot locations in an email to me.

      I am making this offer now so I have a chance to respond to what
      might be a deluge of requests before each of you leaves for

      Have a terrific reunion - wish I could be there with you.

      Bruce Reisch
      Geneva, New York


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