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Re: [czernowitz2006] Cz Reunion, taking photos and making videos

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  • Miriam Taylor
    Miriam (Mimi) Taylor ... Dear Czernowitzers, I fully agree with Simon s ideas and suggestions regarding the taking of photographs and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 28, 2006
      Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <mirtaylo@...>

      > Dear Czernowitzers:
      > I think it is important that we ³talk² about the matter of taking photos
      > and/or making videos during the Reunion. As a way of starting this off, I
      > would like to share some thoughts and make some suggestions. I hope these will
      > generate further discussion and look forward to hearing your views.
      > Please post responses to the Yahoo group.
      > Given that visiting Czernowitz will undoubtedly be an emotional experience for
      > many, I think it is important that those of us wanting to film or take
      > pictures, be particularly sensitive at those times when other group members
      > may be particularly vulnerable (eg. during the visit to the Cz cemetery, while
      > in the area of the former ghetto and in Transnistria).
      > Hopefully, we can arrange for a sign-up sheet at the Chernomosh for those who
      > do not wish to be photographed.
      > During the talks/discussions, although some of us may want to photograph or
      > film speakers, this should be done as unobtrusively as possible so that it
      > distracts neither the one presenting nor the audience.
      > Should we agree on some guidelines regarding this matter? Eg. that there be no
      > video lights or photo flashes once the speaker starts to talk?
      > Can we also agree that since some shtetl visits etc. (during which, one of us
      > locates a former family home or the remains of a family grave) may have the
      > potential for creating great sadness, those photographing or videoing try to
      > give priority to the individual¹s need for privacy.
      > Best regards,
      > Simon

      Dear Czernowitzers,

      I fully agree with Simon's ideas and suggestions regarding the taking of
      photographs and making of videos during the reunion.
      Please, anyone who expects to take photographs and videos of other than
      their relatives or friends at the reunion, it is important that you respond
      to Simon's letter. The same is true for anyone who may not wish to be

      Best regards,
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