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Re: [czernowitz2006] Updates regarding arrival arrangements

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  • Miriam Taylor
    Miriam (Mimi) Taylor ... Dear Danny and anyone traveling to Czernowitz from Israel, Tarom Airlines has a flight from Tel Aviv to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 18, 2006
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      Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <mirtaylo@...>

      > Hello Everybody,
      > We have been to 2 professional travel agents, talked to Aerosvit on the
      > phone and have managed to gather the following information we consider
      > important:
      > As for now, There isn't a TLV-Kiev flight of Aerosvit on May the 18th, and
      > therefore those of us who wish to continue to Cz by plane from Kiev have to
      > reach Kiev on the day before, the 17th, with an El-Al flight. The price of
      > the El-Al flight including taxes is 528$. The Kiev-Cz flight if bought
      > separately, is 307$ (both ways, of course). The plane used for the inland
      > flight is Antonov4 which hosts 120 passengers. There is only one flight a
      > day to Cz, and from Kiev only.
      > However, in a month's time, Aerosvit are about to present their summer
      > schedule. They plan to add many more flights from Tlv to Kiev - the flights
      > will be available almost daily. Taking a flight from Tlv - Kiev - Cz with
      > Aerosvit costs all together around 550$, which makes it much moew
      > reasonable.
      > My father and I have decided to book seats on the Kiev-Cz flights, and to
      > wait till next month in order to see if there is an Aeroswit flight from Tlv
      > to Kiev on that day. One must however remember, that the flight to Kiev ends
      > at the Borispol airport, and the flight from Kiev to Cz takes off from the
      > Zoulani airport. The flight back, from Cz to Kiev is better organised
      > because it lands at the Borispol international airport directly (terminal
      > A).
      > The price of the Austrian flights TLV-VIE-Lvov costs 644$ including taxes.
      > By the way, travel agenst sitting next to ours at the same agency
      > immigrated to Israel a few years ago from Lvov. She claims that the
      > condition of the roads is horrible, and she personally recommends flying to
      > Kiev and taking a night's train to Cz from there.
      > We believe all options are feasible; we prefer however not to order anything
      > yet and to wait until Aeroswit publish their new summer schedule and prices.
      > The option of taking a train from Kiev or Lvov to Cz is always there.
      > Danny Alon
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      Dear Danny and anyone traveling to Czernowitz from Israel,

      Tarom Airlines has a flight from Tel Aviv to Bucharest
      which costs only $387.31 return.
      This is flight #154 from Tel Aviv to Bucharest and
      Flight #153 from Bucharest to Tel Aviv
      You can then continue to Suceava by plane or train or
      to Chernivtsi by train.

      This flight is sold out for May 17th, returning May 26,
      But there are still seats left for May 16th returning May 27.

      Phone Tarom Airlines get more information from them.

      Anyone willing to drive in Romania, it is a beautiful drive
      from Bucharest to Suceava and the roads are quite reasonable.
      The hotels are good and the food... Ca la Mama a casa.

      Best regards, Mimi
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