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RE: [czernowitz2006] travel to Chernivtsi

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  • henry@sinnreich.net
    I have used the Sofia-Moscow rapid train that stops in only Bucharest and Czernowitz. It is a direct trip, OK, though without any great comfort. Henry ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 13, 2006
      I have used the Sofia-Moscow rapid train that stops in only Bucharest and
      Czernowitz. It is a direct trip, OK, though without any great comfort.


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      Subject: [czernowitz2006] travel to Chernivtsi

      Dear Czernowitzers,

      It is now just over 4 month before the Czernowitz Reunion 2006.
      Flight schedules for May 2006 are available and it is time to make travel
      arrangements. We will be coming from various countries and some of us may
      want to combine the trip to Chernivtsi with other trips, therefore I will
      include here only information about means of getting to Chernivtsi from
      either Vienna through Lviv or from Bucharest through Suceava.

      Vienna - Lviv:

      Austrian Airlines has one flight each day from Vienna to Lviv, OS 381
      The flight departs Vienna at 13:20, arrives Lviv 15:40
      We shall make arrangements to be picked up by a bus which will take us
      to Chernivtsi. The distance is approximately 150 miles, or 240km and
      I estimate that the drive will take 3 hours.

      On the return journey, Austrian Airlines has a flight which
      departs Lviv at 16:15, arrives Vienna at 16:45 OS 382

      Bucharest - Suceava

      By air:

      Tarom Airlines has flights from Bucharest to Suceava only on
      Tuesdays and Thursdays.
      This flight departs Bucharest at 20:45, arrives Suceava 22:30.
      To get to Chernivtsi by May 18th would require taking this flight on
      May 16th, a one or two night stay in Suceava, and trip by bus or taxi
      to Chernivtsi. The distance from Suceava to Chernivtsi is about 50 miles
      or 80 km, but requires a border crossing. It is likely to take
      One and one half or two hours.

      On the return journey, May 26th, the flight departs Suceava at 06:25
      arrives Bucharest 08:00. There is no flight on May 25th.
      An overnight stay in Suceava on the night of May 25th is necessary.
      The cost of a round trip Bucharest - Suceava, Suceava - Bucharest is 296NRL.

      By train:

      There are a number of trains each day from Bucharest to Suceava.
      The best choices are:
      Departs Bucharest 22:00 arrives Suceava North 04:46, sleeper train.
      Departs Bucharest 14:00 arrives Suceava North 20:28
      Departs Bucharest 17:00 arrives Suceava North 22:57 (IC)*

      *(IC) This is a higher quality train than the one departing at 14:00

      Only the first option would allow us to continue to Chernivtsi by bus or
      taxi on the same day on which we arrive, the other two would require an
      overnight stay in Suceava.

      The choices for the return journey are:

      Departs Suceava North 00:50 arrives Bucharest North 07:32 Sleeper
      Departs Suceava North 13:14 arrives Bucharest North 19:56
      Departs Suceava North 15:00 arrives Bucharest North 21:43
      Departs Suceava North 16:38 arrives Bucharest North 22:43 (IC)
      Departs Suceava North 23:19 arrives Bucharest North 06:02 Sleeper

      It seems to me that the best option for getting to Chernivtsi is to fly to
      Vienna and from there to fly to Lviv with Austrian Airlines.
      The plane used for this flight holds 50 passengers.


      I do not know the fare for this flight. Since the combined fare for a trip
      starting from any one point of origin is usually less than the the sum of
      all the individual components I suggest that you please contact Austrian
      Airlines, or your own travel agent for schedules and combined fare from
      your point of departure.

      Arthur Rindner has contacted a travel agent in Israel who is offering the
      following package for those starting their trip from Israel:

      1. Flight with AUA- reserved 25 seats, $430 + 164.20 tax.
      2. Ukrainian group visa $75.00
      3. Transfer Lvov- Cz bus OW $450, minibus OW $310, taxi OW $230.

      Please contact Arthur Rindner <vonczernowitz@...>
      for further details.

      VERY IMPORTANT: Arthur Rindner will be making the arrangements for a bus to
      pick up all those arriving both in Lviv and in Suceava.
      If you want him to make such arrangements for you, please notify him no
      later than Jan 20.

      I would like to remind everyone, that all except US and Canada citizens
      require a visa to enter the Ukraine. Obtaining a visa may take some time.

      It is advisable to buy health insurance at the same time you buy your
      tickets. In 2003 while in Chernivtsi my husband required some minor medical
      care. This was given him free of charge at the Chernivtsi hospital, but it
      is wiser not to rely on this. Medical facilities in the Ukraine are quite
      different from the ones in Israel, Western Europe, Canada and the US.

      I would like to emphasize again, that it is advisable to book your tickets
      very soon. And if anyone has further knowledge or advice about means of
      traveling to Chernivtsi or questions about this, mail it to all.

      For those of you trying to search and book your flights on the internet:

      Bucharest airport is - Ortopeni
      Vienna airport is - VIE
      Suceava airport is Salcea
      Lvov airlort is LWO

      Best regards, Shabbat Shalom,



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