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Re: [czernowitz2006] Mini - Reunion in Haifa

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  • Miriam Taylor
    Miriam (Mimi) Taylor ... Dear Czernowitzers, I am back in gray foggy Indiana, but Irene s letter and the memory of that afternoon in
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 29, 2005
      Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <mirtaylo@...>

      > Liebe Landsleute!
      > Of course most of us are busy surviving the holydays, but I have this
      > urge to tell about a little Happening which took place in Haifa exactly
      > one week ago.
      > We met in the wide and lavish lobby of a hotel. Who are we? We,
      > Czernowitzers : Mimi, Lucca, Anitta, Heddy, Andy and Irene. Then:
      > Milton, Lea and Andy2 joined as Honorary Czernowitzers. I guess we
      > looked, well, quite "middle-aged" (average: 68).
      > After one hour or so a nice young man approached us saying this (in
      > Hebrew):" I'm observing you for a while .You are looking so happy and
      > joyful together. Tell me please, for how many years do you know each
      > other?"
      > I answered: "for an hour".
      > How can one explain the familiarity we experienced?
      > That is the sort of atmosphere I expect from the "big" Reunion.
      > One more thing: there, in the lobby, there were "Menschen und Buecher"
      > present.
      > I felt die Menschen aus den Buechern looking at us and blessing us.
      > 2006! Already?
      > Soll sein gut far di Yiden!
      > Irene
      Dear Czernowitzers,

      I am back in gray foggy Indiana, but Irene's letter and the memory of that
      afternoon in Haifa and other meetings with Czernowitzers in Tel Aviv,
      Jerusalem, Natanya and Hertzlia bring back the warm feelings I experienced.

      I will write in detail about our conversations and discussions in regard to
      the reunion in a day or two. Now I just want to say that they were very warm
      and productive, that we learned a lot and that I am very optimistic. Just to
      think about the wealth of knowledge, humor and fellowship which exists among
      the Czernowitzers!

      Happy, healthy and peaceful 2006 to all.

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