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Cornel Fleming and preparations for the reunion

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  • Miriam Taylor
    ... Well, well, another letter from our reliable Cornel Fleming. ... It seems that it is the aim of Cornel Fleming to worry and upset the prospective
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2005
      Well, well, another letter from our reliable Cornel Fleming.

      In his letter of Nov. 18, he wrote:

      > i have been in contact with the town hall (rathaus to you!) and there is a
      > provisional reception for those who want to come laid on for the afternoon
      > of the 19th. the mayor cannot guarantee to be there however since there are
      > city elections in march and he might not survive!!!

      In his letter of Dec. 10, he writes:

      >> i have made no definitive arrangements with anybody but i have
      >> asked if the city administration would meet with us if requested to do
      >> so(the answer is yes)

      It seems that it is the aim of Cornel Fleming to worry and upset the
      prospective participants in the Czernowitz Reunion 2006.

      Arthur Rindner, David Glynn, Florence Heymann, Simon Kreindler and I have
      done all that we felt was possible and necessary to plan and make
      preparations for the planned reunion. Mark Heckman has contributed
      invaluable help with setting up and taking care of our means of
      communication; the yahoo group. Many others have contributed their
      constructive ideas and suggestions for planning the reunion.

      But, Cornell Fleming repeatedly tells us that our preparations are faulty:

      > it is my firm
      >> belief that we need a single czernowitz-connected coordinator to do all the
      >> neccessary legwork,listen to what all the participants want out of this week
      >> and arrange what is needed. time is rapidly running out!!!

      He will not rest until we all book our hotel rooms through Anna Wiesmayer
      and get her to book guides, translators and drivers for us. Possibly also
      decides on what topics we should hold our discussions.

      I have written so before and I'll say so again. Everyone is free to book
      hotel rooms, flights, tours and guides as they please. Those who wish could
      use Anna Wiesmayer for this purpose. The active members of the committee
      have decided that we would use the hotel Cheremosh for our discussions and
      socials. The reason for this is that the hotel Cheremosh has answered my
      letters and given me the information I requested, whereas the hotel Bukovyna
      has not, nor has Cornel supplied us with this information, even though he
      claims to have it.

      Cornel Fleming is right on one point, the hotel Cheremosh is not willing to
      wait for the exact number of rooms we shall need, till two weeks before the
      reunion, in a recent letter which I shall forward to the czernowitz2006
      yahoo group, the general manager asked me that we let her know the number of
      rooms 1 month in advance. We only have 4 month left!

      Neither I, nor the others who have been working on the plans and
      preparations for the reunion, have any claims to infallibility, nor do we
      want to make all decisions and arrangements for the reunion without
      consulting and accepting the constructive advice, suggestions and help of
      anyone within our group.

      Please, all and everyone, if you can get factual information about means of
      travel to Chernivtsi, local hotels, guides and translators and if you have
      suggestions about our program of discussions and other general activities
      while we are in Czernowitz, write to all of us and tell us.

      If you agree with Cornel Fleming, that I and the rest of the committee are
      doing an inadequate job, we could still elect a different committee.

      Best regards to all,

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