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Re: [czernowitz2006] Travel agents

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    Hello Mimi et al -- I would recommend that when the list of possible travel agents is compiled there should be an indication next to each name of who
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 30, 2005
      Hello Mimi et al --

      I would recommend that when the list of possible travel agents is compiled there should be an indication next to each name of who recommended that person/agency, and whether or not they have had personal experience with them. A format might be:

      Travel agent: John Doe. Suggested by Suzie Q from personal experience, or
      Suggested by Suzie Q, no personal experience.

      One could add: "recommended", or "highly recommended" --- or even "recommended with reservation"

      This way, we would know what to make of the otherwise random list of names.

      Thanks in advance. -- Jessie Attiyeh

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      From: Miriam Taylor <mirtaylo@...>
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      Subject: [czernowitz2006] Travel agents

      Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <mirtaylo@...>

      Dear Czernowitzers,

      Our group of people interested in the "Czernowitz Reunion 2006", decided at
      the outset, that each one of us would make our own travel arrangements to
      Chernivtsi. As a group, we would only collect and make available information
      and advice about various travel possibilities, which could then be pursued
      by any of us as we wish. We also decided that we would prefer hotel
      arrangements to be made as group arrangements, in order to take advantage of
      any discounts we may get as a group.

      Some of us may prefer a professional travel agent to make travel
      arrangements for us, similarly, some may want to stay at the small hotels in
      Chernivtsi. There may be some who will wish to combine traveling to the
      reunion with a trip to Romania, Transnistria or the Ukraine and many of us
      want to take day trips to villages and small towns in the vicinity of

      We have received inquiries and recommendations from and for travel agents.
      Simon Kreindler and I have collected information from members of the
      Cz.-List about guides, drivers and translators in Chernivtsi. A file
      containing this information, as well as information about travel agents
      specializing in travel to the Ukraine and Romania, will be made available to
      all subscribers to this group.

      We cannot allow travel agents or others to use this yahoo group as a forum
      for advertising or promoting their services.

      I recently received an inquiry from a travel agent. This is in essence what
      I wrote to him and think that we should tell every and anyone with a
      commercial interest in the reunion:


      The Czernowitz Reunion 2006 is planned as a meeting for former Czernowitzers
      and their descendants. Many of us have visited Chernivtsi in recent years
      and some of us have relatives in the city. We are not planning any organized
      tours of the Ukraine or Romania in connection to this meeting.

      Some of our members may want help in making travel arrangements. It is
      possible that there will be people who will come to our reunion and will
      later want to go on other organized trips, in which case, you might be able
      to help them to travel to other parts of the Ukraine or Romania.

      We cannot allow you, or any other travel agent to use our email list for
      advertising or promoting your services, but we will gladly list your name
      with those of other travel agents who have expertise in travel to the
      Ukraine and Romania. Members of our group will contact you, if they wish to
      do so. Please send me your Email address, fax and phone number, so I can
      send it to the participants of the "Czernowitz Reunion 2006".


      I would like the file of travel agents, tour guides, translators and drivers
      to be set up as soon as possible. Please send your recommendations to Simon
      Kreindler or Mimi Taylor.

      Best regards,



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