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Fw: [czernowitz2006] Your Forthcoming Visit in Israel

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  • Abraham Kogan
    ... From: Abraham Kogan To: Miriam Taylor Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 5:48 PM Subject: Re: [czernowitz2006] Your Forthcoming Visit in Israel Hi, Mimi,
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      From: Abraham Kogan
      To: Miriam Taylor
      Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 5:48 PM
      Subject: Re: [czernowitz2006] Your Forthcoming Visit in Israel

      Hi, Mimi,

      Regarding the proposed meetings with prospective participants of the 2006 reunion and other Czernowitzers in Israel:
      This morning I had a good telephone conversation with our "Landsman" Mr. Yaakov (Yula) Weiner, who is quite active in Czernowitzer Landsmanschaft issues and was recently appointed to the job of Chief editor of "Die Stimme". He will be glad to meet you, arrange meetings with local Czernowitzers and for discussions on the Jewish Cemetery problem.
      On the cemetery issue: it turns out that there are several activities that went on and are still going on, in parallel. Several people, from Israel and from Austria (non-Jewish) approached the municipality and the mayor and apparently nothing has been finalized so far. There are several cost estimates and several options or priorities. The municipality clearly indicated that they will strongly oppose to any use of pesticides for removing weeds and other vegetation within the area of the cemetery. They also might insist that all the cleaning works or subsequent maintenance , if the funds will be provided by donors, shall be done only by their staff (or contractors). This topic will be discussed in the proposed meeting at the office of the Bukovina Olim Association.

      Please let me know which dates are suitable for you for each of the two meetings and I'll try to coordinate with Yula Weiner. If you wish, you can also communicate with him by e-mail to:

      Best regards, Abraham Kogan


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      Dear Abraham,

      We will be in Israel from Dec. 14 till Dec. 28.
      We plan to stay in Herzlia at the beginning and at the end of our stay.
      Dec.14 - Dec. 17 and Dec. 26 and 27.

      If possible I would like to meet you during the earlier part.
      It has also occurred to me that all the Israeli prospective participants
      in the reunion could meet in Tel-Aviv. I know that I will be free on the
      26th. My husband is giving a lecture on that day at Tel-Aviv university.

      An alternative to the reunion participants meeting on the 26th, would be
      that all Czernowitzers interested in the restoration and maintenance of
      the Jewish cemetery, meet to discuss what we can do in this regard.
      I believe you know the heads of the Czernowitzers Association well,
      possibly you could talk to them about arranging such a meeting?

      All the best,

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