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  • jfa2000@mymailstation.com
    Nov 18, 2005
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      Thank you Cornel for all the good information. I have a question: do you know which airlines make the flight from Vienna to Lviv? And from Vienna to Kiev?

      Also when you say "by next year", does that mean by May? Or in sufficient time for us to cancel other flights if one becomes available (by what airline?) directly to Czernowitz from outside Ukraine, which of course would be the best of all possible worlds... ?

      I really appreciate all the hard work being done by the committee. And, if I have neglected to respond to any information/queries over this past week, it's because our e-mail server connection was somehow disconnected, and I've lost everything both incoming and outgoing. Even though it was out of my control I apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused anyone.... But we're back on-line now.

      Til later. Jessica, San Diego, CA

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      From: cornel fleming <cornel.fleming@...>
      Sent: Nov 18, 2005 12:47 PM
      To: czernowitz2006@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [czernowitz2006] information

      shabat shalom to all. here is the latest info i have gathered through my
      czernowitz agent. it is currently fully accurate but there is a possibility
      that by next year there will be flights to cz. from outside the ukraine.
      currently we can fly to kiev or lwiw(lemberg). lviv or lwiw(take your pick!)
      has flightconnections with frankfurt,vienna and warsaw. frankfurt-lviv
      tuesd and frid dep 12.10 arr. 14.10. lviv- frankfurt tues and frid dep
      9.05, arr.11.05. vienna-lviv on monday ,wednesday,friday and sunday dep.
      14.15, arr.15.45. lviv-vienna same days, dep 16.20, arr.17.35.
      warsaw-lviv daily. dep. 12.25 ,arr.13.45, return 14.10 with arr 16.00
      from lviv it is about 5 hrs by car or bus, and it is a fascinating drive
      through " fiddler on the roof "villages.....the shtetls are still there just
      the jews are not! kiev is the capital so has worldwide connections.
      there is an internal flight to cz. daily dep 15.10 arr.in cz.16.40.
      for those who want to go via bucharest, there is a daily train to suceava.
      from there one has to be collected by car. this i am told is the most
      expensive way to go., but if anyone particularly wants this it can be
      arranged. now, in czernowitz itself. both the cheremosh
      and the bukowina have rooms with aircon but only 5-6 rooms each so
      equipped.. but, the bukowina has just done a major renovation and upgrade
      of most of the rooms and their restaurant i am told is also very good. from
      personal experience the cheremosh food is adequate but not exactly a
      culinary sensation, and their breakfast is designed for compulsive slimmers!
      i have been in contact with the town hall (rathaus to you!) and there is a
      provisional reception for those who want to come laid on for the afternoon
      of the 19th. the mayor cannot guarantee to be there however since there are
      city elections in march and he might not survive!!! next, the rabbi
      is very willing to say kaddish with and for us at the memorial to our
      people shot by the germans, and any who wifsh to attend shul are very
      welcome. a daytrip to transnistria is also possible. guides and
      cars/buses can be sorted as and when required. i agree that all the
      available details should go to die stimme ,the result could be more of us
      going! and now it is up to all of you to sit down by your keyboards and
      have your say. cornel


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