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914Re: [Cz-L] Czernowitzer Convention in Israel

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  • Lucca
    Jul 11 9:19 PM
      Usually when we mention a "Czernowitz meeting" it includes all of the Bucovina, I suppose. After all we share background, culture, language, upbringing, habits, with the people from Suceava, Campulung, Dorna, Wiznitz...etc...
      In truth, we should call it "Bucovina reunion", but since Czernowitz was the capital, we simply got into the habit of relating only to this main city a habit which may not be right.
      Secondly, we are trying to uphold a certain tradition and unfortunately many of us are no longer alive, so it makes a lot of sense to get united and try to convey to our children and future generations the spirit of the Bucovina as a whole, a quite unusual land with a multitude of influences and characteristics.
      Would you please comment?
      Thanks, Lucca

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      From: "Nathan Gross" <archnathan@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 6:11 PM
      Subject: [Cz-L] Czernowitzer Convention in Israel

      > Dear all,
      > Being a second generation of Czernowitzer parents and being active in the
      > newly founded "Second Generations Group of Bukovinians" together with
      > Yehudit Jerushalmi-Tris and others, I warmly support the idea of having a
      > Czernowitzer reunion (or rather: convention) here in Israel.
      > Further more, I think it should evolve into a Bukovinians' convention, for
      > the following reasons:
      > A. It will guarantee a much larger number of participants
      > B. If the main purpose is to ensure the continuance of our cultural heritage
      > in the next generations' minds - it would be unnecessary to distinct
      > Czernowitz from the rest of the Bukovina.
      > C. More people will volunteer to act in the organizing team.
      > I, for one, am volunteering right away.
      > I have also read the comments of all the others to date, and I'd like to
      > share some of my ideas with you:
      > * I agree with Mimi as for the framework of the meeting: 3 days, lectures,
      > exhibitions and artistic programs.
      > * Weekdays during Hanukah - between Sunday, December 17 and Friday, December
      > 22 - would be great, as both working people and religious will be able to
      > attend. Flights may cost a bit more, but hotel fares in Israel don't get
      > higher near the year end.
      > * I also agree there should be no involvement in organizing tours, unless
      > someone comes forward with a closed package he/she offers the participants
      > on his/her sole responsibility.
      > * On the other hand, after the location is agreed upon, we may try making a
      > deal with one of the big hotels, that if we "bring" them a minimum of guests
      > - they'll give us their convention facilities for free or for a significant
      > reduction.
      > * Our new website www.bukowina.org.il which is still under construction,
      > will advertise and help in any other way to the success of this meeting.
      > There's more, but I'll be happy to receive your comments first.
      > Best regards,
      > Nathan Gross - Architect & Town Planner
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      >>Subject: [Cz-L] just an idea...
      >>Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2006 13:37:35 EDT
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      >>Dear Mimi,
      >>Going through an old diary of mine of the year1990, I find a
      >>description of the Czernowitzer meeting in that year in the Dan Hotel
      >>I understand that the Czernowitz reunion in our hometown was a great
      >>success and I am sure that you must be tired out after the big effort
      >>it cost you . (Frankly you were great and I really don't know how you
      >>managed it all!) However - and this is only an idea - maybe it would
      >>be nice to start planning a meeting again - and this at the slowest
      >>pace possible - this time in Israel.
      >>I remember the 1990 reunion as a wonderful event, people came from
      >>all over the world and inspite of the fact that they were neither on
      >>old nor on new homeground, everybody had a wonderful time meeting
      >>with friends not seen for many, many years.
      >>We also had an artistic program presented by Lya Koening and her
      >>deceased husband, Zwi Stolper, as well as Fredy Durra, who I think is
      >>no longer with us.
      >>At my age - and there are many former Czernowitzers who are no
      >>longer young - it is nice to have something to look forward to in the
      >>future and a reunion combined with a visit to the Holy Land. is
      >>really a pleasant prospect. I know, I know, politically we are in a big
      >>but our resilience is one of our enduring qualities and after all we
      >>are survisors in most situations!
      >>Love, Lucca
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