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720Re: [czernowitz2006] Practical advice from Cora

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  • Miriam Taylor
    Apr 29, 2006
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      Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <mirtaylo@...>

      Dear Czernowitzers,

      I have been to Czernowitz in June 2003 and 2004.

      I ate and drank only in hotels and restaurants; meat, fish, mamaliga,
      soup, cake, wild strawberries, coffee, water and Vodka.
      In the village of Klivodyn, I even drank from the well which had been
      belonged to my great grandfather. And from a metal cup which hung on the

      I had not problems whatsoever, neither did my husband who grew up in
      Scotland and had never been to primitive Eastern Europe before.

      On a recent trip to Britain, my son picked up scarlet fever, I came home
      safe and sound twice from Czernowitz and three times from Romania.

      Anyhow, there are as many physicians in this group as in a small hospital,
      dentists too.

      I cannot remember whether there were nets over the windows, it does not
      matter, Czernowitz is not in the tropics, not even in the subtropics.
      When I was a child we sang: "Maikafer flieg" my dictionary translates this
      to "Cockchafer fly". Since we are going to be there in May, we could assume
      that there would be beetles, but the original song went on:
      Der Vater ist im Krieg, die Mutter is in Pommerland.. So I do not think that
      it was of Czernowitz origin.

      I did not see any lake near the hotel, just a small forest with a very loud
      cuckoo, bring earmuffs.

      The climate is the same as in Vienna, Munich, Zurich, North Dakota.
      and Quebec city. In June it can be hot, not likely in May.

      The latitude is 48, the altitude 200m.

      Dress as you would in any provincial town in Europe or America; nice, neat
      and without ostentation. If you are going to the villages, bring some shoes
      for walking in "blotte" - Ukrainian mud, the like of which there is nowhere
      else. Some Czernowitz streets are cobble stone streets.

      Bring all your own little luxuries, it is not likely that you will be able
      to buy them in Chernivtsi.

      Taxi service, this from the Cheremosh:
      > 3. Taxi / private cars: According to your request in advance we will arrange
      > cars for your clients. Our city municipal cabs charge $ 5-7 per hour in the
      > city limits and out of the city $ 8-12 per hour ( depends on the distance ).

      And do not worry, all will be well,

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