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  • Frank Feiner
    Mar 31, 2006
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      Hello to all,
      I am member of the group, but not a reunionist, will not travel with
      you to Czernowitz.
      I will introduce myself. I am a management consultant in Rotterdam. My
      parents were born in Vienna. My mothers Father - my grandfather - died
      in 1917. My mother was only ten years old. So she did not remember
      much of him. This grandfather Maximilian GRUNBAUM was born in
      Czernowitz in 1865. He became a lawmen and even having children in
      Vienna, he was in the Bukowina as a business manager for a
      landowner/farmer. This is about the only thing I know, no family
      anymore to tell more.
      Beside the genealogical puzzle to find out, I am very interested to
      learn about the way of living, the kind of community and the specific
      jewish culture my grandfather was from.
      I like reading all your mails, as it is very informative in
      understanding what are the important issues to share in your
      Czernowitzer live. I hope you will be so kind and will send mails to
      inform us at our homes about the highlights and eyeopeners of your
      reunion, and last but not least about the reunion itselve and the
      reminicense it caused..
      It is not to share your feelings, as I do not want to disturb your
      privacy, but to learn of you by this occasion, Maybe there are not
      much people anymore to tell. And it is more spontanious than what is
      written in books.
      So , I would be very happy to open the mailboxe and to read the day by
      day reports of the reunionists.
      Not my first interest this time, but may be one of you recognise the
      surnames. This is what I know about my grandfather and his parents:

      1 Israel GRÜNBAUM b:Czernowitz
      +Raschel TUTTMANN b:05.01.1843 Czernowitz m:18.11.1859 Czernowitz
      .. 2 Maximilian GRÜNBAUM b:1865 Czernowitz d:28.09.1917 Wien

      I probably found Max Grunbaum as student in the Czernowitzer
      Gymnasium. Also some Tuttmann there.

      Are there BMD books in Czernowitz?

      Thank you.
      Frank Feiner.