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  • Gabriele Weissmann
    Feb 28, 2006
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      There are many books in German I know of, dealing with our "favourite"
      subject - Czernowitz. Can recommend a few, some I have not read yet.
      There is also
      some literature under >Czernowitz.de>, the home-page of Ottmar Andree, a
      Berliner who has a long-lasting love-affair with the city and its history.
      Here a few I like and recommend:
      - Czernowitz - Jüdisches Städtebild - Andrei Corbea-Hoisie - Publishers:
      Jüdischer Verlag Fraunkfurt (Suhrkamp);
      - Czernowitzer Geschichten - Andrei Corbea-Hoisie - Publishers: Böhlau -
      Vienna www.boehlau.at ;
      - An der Zeiten Ränder - Cecile Cordon and Helmut Kusdat - Publishers:
      Verlag der Theodor Kramer Gesellschaft, Vienna - TKG@... ;
      - Czernowitz - Helmut Braun - Die Geschichte einer untergegangenen
      Kulturmetropole -Christoph Links Verlag, Berlin - www.linksverlag.de ;
      - Othmar Andrée - Czernowitzer Spaziergänge - Publishers: Rose Ausländer
      Stiftung - www.roseauslaender-stiftung.de

      There are many more good books about the famous authors - Israel
      Chalfens beautiful biography of Paul Celan, which also gives a good
      insight into the life
      in Czernowitz, and although many scholars wrote very serious books on
      Celan, this is still my favourite. The poems of Rose Ausländer, the
      fables of Elieser Steinbarg, the poems in Jiddish and German by Itzig
      Manger. the Jiddish and German stories of Josef Burg, and so much more.
      Maybe there are translations in
      English of some of the above, certainly of the poets, I think. If anyone
      has such translations, it would be good to have them listed here.
      I will add a list given to me by Othmar Andrée-it has also many very
      "scientific" works but contains some good reading, mainly for German
      readers. And some
      books of biographical nature, which still make excellent reading.
      Impossible to read them all, let alone get them.
      Wishing you fun and good reading.


      Gabriele Weissmann
      Kaiserdamm 18
      D- 14057 Berlin

      Tel./Fax: +49.30.321 15 38
      E-Mail: G.Weissmann@...
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