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154Re: [Cz-L] New book on Czernowitz

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  • alon
    Dec 21, 2005
      Lucca and everyone,

      Happy Chanuka for all of you!
      As much as I enjoy reading memories and testimonies of former Czwitzers, I
      wonder if there are other 3rd generation members like myself on the list (I
      am 33) who have an interest in Cz, Bukowina and their jewish identities. Are
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      Subject: Re: [Cz-L] New book on Czernowitz

      > Please excuse me for expressing my confusion...
      > Once I enjoyed writing to the Czernowitz group, this at the time when
      > I had only ONE address to write to! Now we have groups within groups
      > and this discourages me from voicing an opinion...
      > Do I have yahoo? I really don't know! Do I have to join yahoo? I
      > don't know this either!
      > I am just one Czernowitzer, born and raised in that city until the
      > age of 16. At the present time I intend to join the return trip to my
      > hometown, although I haven't made a firm commitment! Maybe due to
      > superstition? I am no longer young, and I make commitments at the
      > very last moment possible!
      > So please forgive me for feeling a bit lost, and not completely
      > enthusiastic about writing to different groups of people, especially
      > when they bicker and quibble about all kinds of petty things. So
      > ..where do I write to now if I just want to say hello to my fellow
      > czernowitzers, or if I feel like sharing another childhood memory
      > which popped up? You must have noticed that I've sadly neglected my
      > own personal link (The Ramblings) simply because the wind left my
      > sails! In which group do I find Jerome who at one time had become a
      > special internet friend (I even have a photo of his dog!)...
      > Wherever and whoever you are, I wish you a Very Happy Hannukah and
      > lots of sinful Hannukah food!
      > Who was it who said to me once:
      > A jewish holiday can be described in just a few words:
      > "They wanted to kill us. We survived! Let's eat!"
      > Affectionately, Lucca
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