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153Re: [Cz-L] New book on Czernowitz

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  • Bruce Reisch
    Dec 21, 2005
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      At 17:42 +0200 12/21/05, Lucca wrote:


      >So please forgive me for feeling a bit lost, and not completely
      >enthusiastic about writing to different groups of people, especially
      >when they bicker and quibble about all kinds of petty things. So
      >..where do I write to now if I just want to say hello to my fellow
      >czernowitzers, or if I feel like sharing another childhood memory
      >which popped up? You must have noticed that I've sadly neglected my
      >own personal link (The Ramblings) simply because the wind left my
      >sails! In which group do I find Jerome who at one time had become a
      >special internet friend (I even have a photo of his dog!)...

      Hi Lucca:

      I hope you will continue to write to the other 246 of us who
      subscribe to <Czernowitz-L@...>. Many of us enjoyed your
      "ramblings" and would love to see them continued. Jerome is still
      here (right, Jerome?) and doing an extraordinary behind-the-scenes
      job with the web site. He's probably busy as I write creating some
      new web pages for the group web site, <http://czernowitz.ehpes.com>.
      You can reach him directly at <romers@...>.

      Warmest wishes,

      Bruce Reisch
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