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1271[CM] Singing BINAC - 1948

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  • KathrynKL@AOL.COM
    Nov 6 7:31 AM
      Community Memory: Discussion List on the History of Cyberspace

      I am in close touch with Betty Holberton, a lead programmer of the ENIAC and
      instruction code designer for the BINAC and UNIVAC. She told me that in the
      spring of 1948, on the eve of the introduction of the BINAC, a party for all
      the employees of Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation was thrown. As a
      highlight of this party, she programmed BINAC to play "For He's A Jolly Good
      Fellow" for all the employees who had worked so hard to get the machine out
      the door. The performance was quite a hit!

      No recording was made of this 1948 milestone.

      Kathryn Kleiman
      Historian, ENIAC Programmers

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