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Slow Money event Santa Fe, New Mexico

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Sasha, Thank you for this link http://www.slowmoneyalliance.org/ http://www.slowmoneyalliance.org/national-gathering.html September 10-11, 2009 at the Santa Fe
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      Sasha, Thank you for this link
      September 10-11, 2009 at the Santa Fe Railyard in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
      I think Geoff Chesshire lives in the area.

      and I share with John Roger's working group Cyfranogi on community
      currency, alternative economy and participatory society.

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...

      Sasha wrote:
      > I think this is very relevant to Minciu Sodas vision and activity.
      > Maybe someone could participate?
      > Sasha
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      > From: Slow Money <michael@...>
      > Date: Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 10:55 AM
      > Subject: Register Now for Slow Money Event
      > To: michelsub2004@...
      > "I have attended a lot of events.
      > Slow Money's was truly one of the best ever."
      > -Mark Dowie, Award-winning author
      > and Slow Money Institute attendee (December 2008)
      > slow money
      > SEPTEMBER 9-11, 2009
      > Our National Gathering will bring the content and excitement of our events
      > to a new level. We look forward to seeing many new faces. Music, film, slow
      > food, and the kind of conversation no food-ish-iary (repair to your
      > dictionary) should ever do without.
      > <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102661673042&s=25463&e=0016yEosM5Ts9PxbjExezyVjZlFevTzhb5Z9MlIjbGZy_c-LyZZJ5TU1rFBw7tySxEQ0WIGUO5Me-f-ivCWqu1RD_-k-eJc0PwkcMKivaUigFjt8jmVxgue3CyhmS0Q7FKOI2Di1IAlVZBQ3Djh2W6Wh723WzFvkI9u>
      > *
      > Slow Money. It's a new economic vision. It's an emerging network of
      > investors, donors, entrepreneurs, farmers, and activists committed to
      > building local food systems and local economies. It's about the soil of the
      > economy. It's the beginning of the "nurture capital" industry.
      > Come to Santa Fe. Meet thought leaders and change agents from around the
      > country. Let's build new capital markets that support preservation and
      > restoration. Let's fix America's economy... from the ground up.
      > Speakers
      > William Brinton, founder, Woods End Research Lab
      > Paolo di Croce, executive director, Slow Food International
      > Anthony Flaccavento, executive director, Appalachian Sustainable Development
      > Joan Gussow, author, This Organic Life
      > Peter Kinder, president, KLD Research and Analytics
      > Fred Kirschenmann, director, Leopold Center
      > Kristin Martinez, entrepreneur in residence, New Mexico Community Capital
      > Kathleen Merrigan, deputy secretary, USDA (invited)
      > David Orr, professor, Oberlin College
      > Simran Sethi, associate professor of journalism, University of Kansas
      > George Siemon, ceo, Organic Valley
      > Greg Steltenpohl, founder, Odwalla
      > Woody Tasch, chairman and president, Slow Money
      > Judy Wicks, founder, White Dog Cafe
      > Event Highlights Include:
      > Music by Eliza Gilkyson and Robert Mirabal
      > Screening of "Food Fight" and "Dirt The Movie"
      > A Friday night farm table feast
      > View<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102661673042&s=25463&e=0016yEosM5Ts9OMTI9XuhYKf_kPxqAIS8AGPR4FBdUmqCKWGeZT2khh9j3hXSk87Zl_ut-o7wI9zmwAVq_aemo4YQAe7vQBgDtGRVYuuWTsKchW5W4V02l9m18m8a_Du0G47NBeqGqV5tZ7P3vsrUSX5YNN-S_QV1qs0PXg21UJTCDZyPecxsJDJKv0huMVIK8-wqccx9dGaNCBX1ijuxsz0ojUbuIGOCFYdqasNHEAphw8NIp1ts9aKpgazxepCWNr>Preliminary
      > Program
      > Presenting Entrepreneurs: Butterworks Farm, Local Burger, Straus Family
      > Creamery, SPUD!, Terrain, Davenport Producers, La Montanita Co-op, Milk
      > Thistle Farm, New Soil Security, People's Grocery, Peak Spirits, Vermont
      > Smoke and Cure, FoodHub, Indigenous Designs, The Carrot Project, Mary's Gone
      > Crackers, Nest Collective, Sky Vegetables, National Cooperative Grocers
      > Association, Let's Be Frank, Lotus Foods, and others to be announced.
      > Sponsors: Organic Valley, RSF Social Finance, Solidago Foundation,
      > McCune Charitable Foundation, Chelsea Green Publishing
      > Partnering Organizations: Green Money Journal, Edible Santa Fe, La Montanita
      > Co-op, Bioneers, Santa Fe Alliance, 1% for the Planet, Blue Moon Fund, Slow
      > Food,
      > Edible Communities Publications, BALLE, Ethical Markets Media,
      > Capulin Cooperative Alliance, Haymarket Peoples Fund,
      > The Organic Center, Crop to Cuisine, Grace Communications, Haberman,
      > Transition US, SustainLane Media
      > "Slow Money gets right to the heart of everything that's ailing our economy
      > and corroding our culture. . . It offers a formula for a new kind of
      > capitalism in which farmers' markets and stock markets both flourish.''
      > -Kerry Trueman, Huffington Post
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