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Our chat on World Without Poverty

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    Pamela McLean invited us to chat about a World Without Poverty, inspired by Muhammad Yunus s book. She wasn t able to attend, but Fred Kayiwa of Uganda agreed
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2008
      Pamela McLean invited us to chat about a World Without Poverty, inspired
      by Muhammad Yunus's book. She wasn't able to attend, but Fred Kayiwa of
      Uganda agreed to lead our chat. Kiyavilo Msekwa of Tanzania and Sasha
      Mrkailo of Serbia were also there and I as well. We thought of helping
      concrete people such as the women who William Wambura of Uyoga wrote us of
      in Tanzania. I have added them to our list of entrepreneurs at
      and also we have a list of related endeavors there, including our phonics
      flash cards. Pamela, Fred, Sasha, Kiyavilo, Thank you for your leadership!
      Andrius Kulikauskas

      AndriusKulikauskas: Hello from Vermont :: Hello! I will eat breakfast and
      then I look forward to our chat today.

      Kiyavilo: Hi Andrius :: I hope things are doing fine with you

      AndriusKulikauskas: Hi Kiyavilo, how are you? :: I am going to breakfast
      now. Please greet anybody who might come. :: And then I will be back in
      about 45 minutes or so. :: HI to Fred

      Kiyavilo: Ok :: Hi Fred, How are you doing

      FredKayiwa: kool and you :: Andrius hi

      Kiyavilo: Am ok,

      FredKayiwa: could u teach me somthing before the meeting starts/

      Kiyavilo: Andrius went out for breakfast, He will be back soon :: ok
      anything you want

      FredKayiwa: its about Flash corner cards

      Kiyavilo: mmmh what do you want to know about flash

      FredKayiwa: am sorry kim its not the flash its about the games for thses
      kids i guess you dont know them :: its Andrius who calls them Flash coner

      Kiyavilo: no I don't know but in case you want some games for the kids I
      can find you some, I got some like soccer, sports i.e car racing etc

      FredKayiwa: yes of course we need them where are they in Arusha?

      Kiyavilo: No I have them in my laptop, What I can do I'll burn them and
      then I will send them to you via post address. I hope that is a good way.

      FredKayiwa: hope so :: but we dont have computers to play those games we
      only have one laptop so far that we are looking for more computers perhaps
      you have people who may donate to us :: we are here now ::
      www.onehelpinganother.com :: AM HERE WAITING FOR THE COMRADES WHO ARE
      COMING IN FOR TODAY'S CHAT ABOUT WWP :: Welcome Mr. Kim From Arusha

      Kiyavilo: My Pleasure Mr. Fred :: As far as I can see there is no one here
      to discuss about Mr. Yunus Book :: Can we start the conversation if you
      wont mind.

      Sasha: hi all

      Kiyavilo: Since you've got the book would you mind sharing it with me so
      that I can know what you have understand :: Hi sasha :: Hi peter ::
      Welcome to the room, I hope you all know what we are discussing today

      Sasha: I have just chated with Fred :: he told me about the meeting :: but
      I am not updated about the theme

      Kiyavilo: Ok that is good.

      Sasha: Yunus book? :: will shortly have a lunch and than will be back

      Kiyavilo: As far as I know that is what we are going to discuss today,
      About Yunus Book :: Ok Sasha. :: Hi peter how are you

      FredKayiwa: Welcome sasha :: peter could you please let us know you more?
      :: Kim,Saha, peter you have greetings from Meadowlea

      Kiyavilo: Thanks Fred Am glad to hear that.

      Peter: /room English

      Kayiwafred: Sorry i hard poor connection :: The planned focus for the chat
      will be World Without Poverty - but of course the chat can cover other
      things too. It is up to the people who attend to decide what they want to
      discuss. You do not need to have the Mohammed Yunus book in order to join
      in the discussions about his ideas. We will share ideas from the book
      gradually through the LearningFromEachOther group.

      Sasha: test

      Kiyavilo: That is cute Fred, I hope things works out in a good way. I will
      have to go since I need to have a rest. I'll take a look on the chat

      Sasha: did someone read the book?

      Kayiwafred: In chapter 11 of his book "Creating a World Without Poverty"
      Mohammed Yunus challenges his readers to agree something they can do
      locally, something that is achievable by just two or three people. The
      rest of his book is really building up to this challenge. I say that
      because the rest of his book is a true story about wonderful social
      changes that have been made in Bangledesh through the work an

      AndriusKulikauskas: Hi Fred, Kiyavilo, Sasha, Peter, I am sorry that I am

      Kayiwafred: Salute Andrius

      Sasha: hi

      Kayiwafred: its ok

      Kiyavilo: HI Andrius welcome back

      Sasha: generally I cant say that I agree with everything he says, but what
      I do respect is his results

      Kiyavilo: Andrius I sent you an email about the young engineers can you
      take a look at it please!

      Sasha: he and grameen did a lot

      Kayiwafred: We need to start looking for other examples like that, real
      local examples around the study groups. Is there anyone in a situation
      like the woman who made stools? Or in some other situation of working
      hard, but needing a small loan just to make things work properly? It needs
      to be a small loan - like for the woman needing the bamboo - and it would
      be necessary to work out how soon it would be pai :: Let us start to
      discuss possibilities. We will need lots of ideas to toss about, (good
      ideas. bad ideas. interesting ideas - all kinds of ideas). Mixing lots of
      ideas together leads to new ideas - especially if all ieadea are accepted
      and no-one judges ideas as "good" or" bad" at the start. Ideas all mixed
      in together can grow into excellent ideas. From our ideas we will make
      real plans. Then we w

      Sasha: tremendous work in an enviroment (Bangladesh) as hostile as it can
      be (poverty, floods, corruption, underdevelopment,population increase...)

      Kayiwafred: so what i have red is good and i also like the results :: but
      i also think that there should be a nice system in bussiness ::
      foreristance in uganda there are many poor people who realy need starting

      Sasha: there MUST be ethics in business

      Kayiwafred: but to me i see that even if people are given loans and they
      craete things to do then there might be a ltd market :: the focus should
      also go to market

      Sasha: sure , you need to make something that is marketable and needed if
      you want to have some progress

      Kiyavilo: That is true Fred, Until this moment where everything comes our
      way we need to use the ideas and informations we get to make sure that we
      are using them accordingly before someone else come and use the same ideas
      and left us hanging

      AndriusKulikauskas: Fred, did you see the letter from William Wambura of
      Uyoga about the women who we could help

      Kiyavilo: I saw it Andrius, what was your suggestion concerning the lady.
      Did you think of something useful for her to do?

      Kayiwafred: hard not seen it Andrius :: Yes shasa

      AndriusKulikauskas: Theresea Mugoroba of Uyoga asked WIlliam to write
      about several of the women in their group, their struggles against

      Kayiwafred: To me people should always go up for things to do with market
      and always focus on the target of the pople they are selling their

      Sasha: verry bitter life stories :: what can they do to help themself?

      Kayiwafred: hm :: thats nice question Sasha

      Sasha: what kind of job can they find or create? :: what is in demand in
      Dar what they can provide without compromising any ethical consideration
      :: of course

      Kayiwafred: i think those are some of the questions william should ask
      these ladies

      Sasha: unemployment , a terrible world ide problem :: well we could make a
      list of questions

      Kayiwafred: and unemployement to me i see it every were even in America
      thast why i ecourage all youths to use their talents not to have mettality
      of studying to get jobs

      Sasha: yes! :: I read a fantastic book - Ripples from Zambezi

      Kayiwafred: thaks Andrius you posted this some time back

      Sasha: its about an Italian, Ernesto Sirroli which developed a way of
      helping people start tehir business

      Kayiwafred: what is all about Zambezi Sasha

      Sasha: and his main objective is to start from peoples dreams and talents
      :: he was as a volunteer in Africa and there he had a terrible experience
      of wrongly done aid :: it seems that most of the aid today doesnt help
      people :: in his opinon :: because it imposes solutions which wont work (
      in Africa for example)

      Kayiwafred: One time i also wrote an article in the Local News papers here
      about TALENT IDENTIFICATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS and most universuty
      students were opposing me :: But i guess this guy was right sasha ::
      because its all about browing our own trupent that we can be sucessiful ::
      the old english saying of NEVER BLOW YOUR TRUPENT is wrong

      Sasha: maybe its not wrong ut just not appropriate :: Sirroli works from
      the dream up :: and tries to help a new self-employed person to succedde

      Kayiwafred: hm

      Sasha: but sadly he works only in usa and EU, that is more monetary
      rewarding :( :: so for example you have a idea lets say beekeeping

      Kayiwafred: ok so Sasha for you what do u think we can do to craete aworl
      with out poverty remember we are not the govenmnet who sets laws

      Sasha: if you approach him ( facilitator) he will give 100% of his
      abilities to help your business idea starts working :: we can start
      working instead of beign "employed" :: instead of waiting for help from
      someone take initiative :: first learn and research :: then start working
      and earning money

      Kayiwafred: thats a point man :: is peter in Kim?

      Sasha: here in serbia emplyment is not for everyone :: just for people
      with good conections :: and corrupted people :: that is my view :: I
      guessits much worse in Africa than here :: correct me if I am wrong :: so
      just to finish :: if yougo to facilitator he will first explore if your
      idea is viable

      Kiyavilo: Yes am here

      Sasha: then he will help you research all the informations you need, then
      connect you to various business people expereinced in the area, do a
      market research

      Kayiwafred: here in uganda its based on tribe :: the govt is from one side
      and so all employement should be there

      Sasha: and finally find some people to help-with 1 finances

      Kayiwafred: he does well

      AndriusKulikauskas: Fred, how is the phonics flash card system? maybe that
      could help spread literacy and also provide work

      Sasha: tribe nation, race, ideology, relligion, you name it. Comomn trait
      is that its injustice

      Kiyavilo: I have to go now. I hope you wont mind have a nice time and take
      care of your self Fred.

      Sasha: often I feel that poor people get stuck in their worldview and that
      is also something that is debilitating

      Kayiwafred: let talk about it Andrius

      Sasha: and restrictive :: if we can change this there could be found more
      answers to problems :: at least that was my case

      Kayiwafred: and Andrius could you tell me how u managed to help this child
      using the phonic :: thanks Sasha for ur acse :: i thing its agood one

      Sasha: acse? :: advice?

      Kayiwafred: Advise sorry :: To me Andrius they can bring together the kids
      if they laern hem and this is my intrest to have them not idle :: what do
      u think?

      AndriusKulikauskas: Hi Fred :: Yes Sasha so the phonics flash cards can
      help a child teach themselves how to read, or an adult, and so it helps
      them see that they can do something. :: Fred do you have an idea how to
      use the cards? :: Do you know that there are two kinds of cards.

      Sasha: exactly :: like we need positive feedback

      Kayiwafred: silitly or perhaps i did not undersand them

      AndriusKulikauskas: Some are for the beginnings of the words, like F, FL,
      FR, G, H, J, K

      Sasha: like when I worked for you on the food story

      Kayiwafred: yes

      AndriusKulikauskas: and some are for the ends of the words like IT, IP, IN
      :: and then you can combine them :: like FIT, FIP, FIN

      Sasha: if I do this, i get 1$ nice

      Kayiwafred: hm

      Sasha: if I do it 100 times I wil earn 100$

      AndriusKulikauskas: not all of these are real words but you can read them
      all, yes? you can read a word even if it is not real :: am I making sense?

      Kayiwafred: wait aminute you can as well combine

      AndriusKulikauskas: Sasha here is what I am talking about
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?FourCorners and here are the cards

      Kayiwafred: FLIT, FLIP so longer as you can read it?

      AndriusKulikauskas: Fred, yes, you have to combine them, that is the
      point. :: yes exactly Fred! :: so you need to put together a beginning and
      an end :: there are only 55 beginnings and there are about 500 endings

      Kayiwafred: so my question do u ahve to card them into pieces on paper

      AndriusKulikauskas: FRIT, FRIP, FRIN and so on :: yes you can cut them
      into pieces of paper :: but you can also play games where you use a sheet
      of paper as a board for the game :: but a simple game is to cut all the
      beginnings into cards, there should be about 55 :: and then choose an
      ending like IT :: and then the child goes through each of the beginning
      cards and add IT :: like BIT, BLIT, BRIT, CIT, DIT, FIT, GIT, HIT and so
      on :: and if they can do them all the fastest, then they get a prize :: or
      if they can do them within a certain time, then they win a prize :: or
      they can simply practice :: this way they can teach themselves and teach
      each other how to read. :: Does that make sense?

      Kayiwafred: perefct Andrius

      AndriusKulikauskas: so I want you to invent games for the children :: and
      see which games are popular :: and whether they are able to play the games
      and learn how to read

      Kayiwafred: i see sense in it because our ntrest is to keep some of these
      kids together sharing in holidays and they are not idol

      AndriusKulikauskas: and if it works then there are many projects that we
      can do :: Yes it gives them something to do and also they can learn even
      if they are not in school :: so the street children maybe they can learn
      to read

      Kayiwafred: iwish we can get the room to have for our meeting we can enjoy
      this Andrius

      AndriusKulikauskas: and also maybe they can sell the cards for business ::
      you can do it at somebody's house :: or outdoors even

      Kayiwafred: we need to find mainillar paper which is hard :: thats nice ::
      thanks for this :: will keep trying :: they have to be in holidays in
      agust :: then they can teach the street ones :: we are now drafting pllans
      of visting our fellow kids in Prisons, ophanage home and we associate with

      Sasha: I need to sleep now a little , its a hot day toda in Serbia ::
      thanks for the chat :: bye

      Kayiwafred: but we need to ahve strong programmes which they can enjoy too
      this one is good i can see for the Kids in Juvenile :: thanks Sasha for
      joing :: Whats your Advise Andrius?

      Sasha: Fred, teach the kids business skils like marketing and so on

      Kayiwafred: www.onehelpinganother.com :: will let them know

      AndriusKulikauskas: yes Fred this is good :: you can start with regular
      paper, print it out :: and then later you can use better paper when you
      find it :: and then maybe you or somebody can make a video of how children
      use the cards :: and you see that even in prisons they could do this ::
      and the endings are grouped by their vowel sound :: so each vowel sound
      has a poker symbol :: so a "single club" is the short i sound like IT, IP,
      ICK :: and a "double club" is the long i sound like EET, EEK, EAP and so

      Kayiwafred: I also developed an i dea

      AndriusKulikauskas: yes?

      Kayiwafred: about how i can get the wireless internet :: because to be
      honest its to costly here and am going now the cyber cafe has given me 10
      bonus :: i think that if i can have wireless internet on my laptop then i
      can be paying it permonth

      AndriusKulikauskas: ok bye Fred and thank you for leading our chat

      Kayiwafred: i thought i could go to borading schools and ask the students
      to browse athen they can pay me :: and this money i can pay for the month
      :: good i dea? :: in this also i can be promoting ICT :: does it make
      sense? :: anyway i needd to think about it :: because it requires me
      subscribe for about 200$ then after the laptop will be paying its self
      about 40$permnth

      AndriusKulikauskas: I don't know what to advise but it is good that you
      are thinking

      Kayiwafred: perfect :: otherwise Bye

      AndriusKulikauskas: and I'm glad that you are a good entrepreneur :: you
      keep thinking of business ideas :: bye Fred

      Kayiwafred: besides i always pray that you find more work for the the lab
      on your Trip :: Yes i have to think big Andrius am having much challange
      in my family
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