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Samwel, what is essential and fruitful?

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    I share with Cyfranogi because of the money questions. Thanks for ideas and response. Andrius ... Samwel, Maybe you will get this letter before you leave.
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      I share with Cyfranogi because of the money questions. Thanks for ideas and
      response. Andrius


      Maybe you will get this letter before you leave.

      Thank you very much for your letter about your budget. This kind of
      information is very important for our work together. Yesterday as you know I
      sent you about 230 USD. I am glad you received it! The total cost to me was
      264.57. So now there is left 735.43 USD for me to send you, minus fees.
      Please be slow to spend this money! This is for part-time work until March
      31, 2007. It is best for our MyFoodStory project if you work slowly and
      part-time. We can also look for other projects and other sources of income.

      I will share my thinking about your budget. You know that we have very
      little money and so it is precious to us. We want to spend it wisely. So we
      spend it on what is essential and we hope to have some left over that we can
      spend on what is fruitful.

      It is essential that you provide the minimum for your family. My
      understanding from our discussions that the minimum is 50 USD per month.
      Also, it is essential that you pay for your tools for your work, such as
      Internet access. But it is not essential that you have Internet access every
      day, once or twice a week is enough. I think that you can do this for 33 USD
      per month or please correct me. So 500 USD = 6 x 83 USD is enough for your
      minimum for your essential, especially if you find other sources of income
      locally and globally, as you should.

      Also, you will receive a bonus of up to 500 USD if you and your team achieve
      certain targets:
      * 10 personal stories, which could be, for example, 10 interviews of growers
      about the connection between their crops, their personal values, and their
      technologies, how they are connected.
      * 300 profiles of growers, by which we mean basic information about the
      growers, how and why to contact them. This is not so difficult as it may
      seem because I will help you make a strategy for this and we can work with
      organizations that can provide us with this information and that can
      represent the growers, especially if they do not have direct Internet
      If you achieve these targets there will also be an additional bonus for all
      the people who help us online, I think we will have a community currency as
      we did for the chocolate project, where people online earn the currency and
      they can pool it together for projects. This way we can get help so that all
      our teams meet their targets and we earn all the bonuses.

      We also have $400 for your team. Please let us know how you might like to
      use this money most effectively, so that I can add my input and approve. You
      can divide it up as cash, but you can also use it to fund something that is
      helpful for the community as a whole. Here it is good to think, what is

      Your journey to the World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya will be very
      fruitful if there you can sign people up for our groups as you did in Uganda.
      If you can get permissions to sign up 25 people you are doing well, and if
      you can sign up 50 people you are doing very well. The same is true for Jeff
      Buderer when he comes. I will tell you the truth that each person you sign
      up is worth 100 USD for our network, and each person who writes is worth 1000
      USD. You may ask why? and I will give you two reasons. The first is that is
      how much it costs. Imagine sending a person to a conference to organize
      people. If the conference, travel, lost time all cost 2,000 USD and the
      person signs up 20 people they have done reasonably well. It is not so easy
      to find "independent thinkers" or to get their permission! The other reason
      is that organizing such people, as you did in Uganda, has enormous value.
      Thanks to your work in Uganda, we have assembled a fantastic group of
      Africans at our Holistic Helping group. In the last 90 days we have received
      220 letters there and it is the second most active group in our lab. We have
      received inspiring letters from Leonard Boniface in Tanzania, Ken Owino in
      Kenya, Masimba Biriwasha in Zimbabwe and now in Thailand, William Wambura in
      Tanzania, ACTWID KONGADZEM in Cameroon, Tom Ochuka in Kenya, Charles Loku in
      Uganda, Derick Odemba in Kenya and Benter Oballa. Thank you also to Benoit
      Couture and Maria Agnese Giraudo. Our help as organizers means that our
      leader Janet Feldman can help us accomplish wonderful things! (And Janet,
      thank you for your thoughtful letters which are on my mind!) The result is
      very productive (just think of Agnese's trip). This is actually very
      difficult to do, we are bridging the digital divide! This is I think the
      reason why Greg has given us the opportunity to do the MyFoodStory work. It
      is also why I am giving half of the budget to our team because I know that
      this is most effective. If the European Union tried to do what we have
      already done, they would budget about 500,000 to 1,000,000 euros, and they
      are not guaranteed to succeed. So please know that in our work our greatest
      asset is our people - our "independent thinkers" - who we are able to
      involve. This is what is clearly fruitful.

      So let's work to find money so that we can pay for you to go to the World
      Social Forum. Samwel, you know that I don't have any extra money to give
      away. So we need to keep our costs minimal. It is enough for us if you go
      as one person. Please think, you will know other people there who will be
      there and who you can work together. I imagine that Jeff Buderer will be
      there and please also try your best to be there for his meeting with George
      Chan. Also, I think the organizers of the World Social Forum do their best
      to make it inexpensive to attend. You should be able to find a place to stay
      for free and inexpensive food.

      Are the T-shirts a fruitful idea? Let's discuss this before you do anything.
      Wouldn't it be more fruitful to try to get wireless Internet access to your
      area? Let's think together!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003

      Dear Andrius,

      I have received the mney in Homa bay and Iam greatful the children and the
      entire family will do well while I am away.I am leaving today to visit some
      farlands for one week and the move away to Dar.

      I am putting my team together and I need to inform you that, they are going
      to report the coming food story on the following crops.

      Water Melon
      Groundnuts another legume crop

      I will get in touch with you later My no is +254 725 600 439 cell phone.


      Dear Andrius,

      Thank you very much for this opportunity. I can see you need a personal
      budget from me; it includes family expenditure per month and other needs. I
      am ready to work part time till 31st March 2007. My personal budget is USD$
      300 per month.

      The team will meet together early December to discuss the objectives and work
      plan for 2007 as well as distributing the money. We do suggest printing
      T-shirts with the Miniciu Sodas –Lab logo to promote the network activities
      which we all involve in. The group plans to market this forum and hence a
      need for identification within the community where we are working (local).
      The budget for making the 120 T-shirts is $ 850. The team has suggested
      contributing $250 from their $400 and will need additional budget for $ 600
      to complete this. The T-shirts will help in identification.

      The team will be giving these T-shirts to the people helping to give out
      information as a motivation gift and this will allow those people to accept
      the information to be published online and in the long run we will have
      permission to present more information from them.

      Concerning the wireless internet; we need this seriously. Our town is in a
      remote-rural area where Internet connection is a problem. We do walk
      distances to get the connection. If we can get this, we would be very
      grateful. There is no organization which can provide us with Bandwidth so we
      need to contact the wireless phone providers if, they can give a wireless
      connection but this can only be subscribed to one single computer. For now,
      the team cannot give a budget for this but we’ll send you all the information
      if we contact them and know their charges and terms of work.

      The World Social Forum summit will take place on 20th -25th January 2007 in
      Nairobi Kenya. The tentative budget below can be for one person;

      Transport- Mbita- Homabay- Nairobi (USD 85) x two rounds) = USD 170
      Accommodation USD$ 30 per night x 5 days =USD$ 150
      Meals USD $ 20 per day x 5 = USD$ 100
      Others; (Internet access, mobile charging, taxi, printing, phone calls) USD$
      Total; USD 620
      We are supposing as a team to meet Jeff and Chan. The team wishes to at least
      send two people to this meeting. What do you suggest? The above budget is for
      one person for five days.

      Yes, there’s a need for some funds but as a team, we’ll sit down, plan and
      focus mainly on the important activities that we want to undertake concerning
      My Food Story and any other relevant activity. This will give us a clear
      picture on how to figure the budget, other important tools for the group and
      any other item that will help us succeed.

      We are thankful; we hurriedly did the Soya bean presentation. We can now work
      slowly and gradually to make another report successful. The team is working
      on another crop. We will let the forum know about it soon. Its clear as you
      mentioned in your email about 6 stories, this clarifies that we are remaining
      with five food stories to give. What do you mean by 300 producers? Are they
      contributors to the story or the famers producing the crop? My team members
      cannot understand extra and bonus payments for additional funds, but
      immediately I come from Tanzania, I will work plus my team upto 31st March
      2007 as you proposed.

      I am almost through with the translation but I will tune it firmly during my
      trip to Tanzania where they speak fluent Kiswahili. I hope Helen and the
      team there will give support for tuning the Translation. Sharing this with
      them will give another better way for a network because they are good
      Kiswahili speakers than us In Kenya.

      Well, I can share what I did to Lucas but our Bandwidth here cannot allow
      attachments, when it stable up I will send them and share.

      Yes, I got the Instructions and I will set up Mendenyo group soon after our
      meeting in the first week of December. This is when we’ll launch Mendenyo,
      distributing Miniciu Sodas T-shirts, and clearly stating our main Focus. My
      main personal interest has been ICT, Agriculture and Health. What is
      interesting in sharing and expanding knowledge is advancing ICT, an expert in
      wireless is paramount to us all and maintaining a wireless access for an
      isolated community is vital to me personally, getting such an expertise is
      much better. Creating a FOSS atmosphere for this area is wonderful, I hope
      doing and knowing what our Lab does is important for me.


      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA 040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Computer specielist
      Community Development
      UDOGO youth development group-coordinator
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