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Angels of Peace/Hands Project/Asian relief/One World Beat/and Happiest 2005!

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Friends, Hello and happiest of New Year s to all! Thanks so much for your posts, and I plan to respond soon with more on Asia as well as the key/visions
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2004
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      Dear Friends,
      Hello and happiest of New Year's to all! Thanks so much for your posts, and I plan to respond soon with more on Asia as well as the "key/visions" themes about which Andrius and Jeff have posted recently. It is difficult to feel too celebratory with the tragedy engulfing Asia, but one thing which greatly heartens me is the amazing response of so many people. And the "small miracles" of a baby found floating on a mattress and reunited with frantic parents. I have a friend in Phuket, Thailand, who runs a nonprofit called the Lifehome Project (www.lifehomeproject.com ), which helps women and children affected by HIV/AIDS. I was so relieved to find that all had survived and the home is still intact, though my friend says that everywhere he looks there is loss, destruction, and sadness. 
      Lifehome has an arts activity called "The Hands Project", in which those who are HIV/AIDS-affected make a mural of paper or cloth, using their brightly-colored handprints, underneath which they sign their names, in a gesture which says "I am here, I am a survivor". It struck me what a perfect symbol this is for the hands across the seas and around the world who are helping out, and may even be a project which the survivors of this tragedy could take part in, an activity of bonding, healing, and comfort.
      Another fantastic project taking place now is the Angels of Peace, about which Rick and Jeff have posted below. I am ccing Anne Wirstad here, who is a project member and a great exponent of nutrition and the healing capacity of nature (plants and herbs) for diseases like HIV/AIDS. She and I have corresponded about one such plant, Neem, and she has sent me some excellent material we might mutually discuss for our work in Africa. Their first event will be an incredible concert taking place in London tomorrow, New Year's Day, to kick-start 2005 activities, among these an International Festival of Reconciliation to take place in Morocco in 2005, and the development of the PeaceChild International Foundation, as well as an International School for War Orphans. Their work covers subjects such as peace and healing the effects of war, ICTs use in Africa, empowerment for women and children in India, and does so through the power of the arts and media. Definitely projects after our own hearts (oneVillage Foundation, ActALIVE, One World Beat).
      I'm especially delighted to see Osibisa listed, an amazing group of African jazz musicians who performed a benefit concert in Poland for One World Beat in March 2004, to raise funds for the Keep A Child Alive Foundation (www.keepachildalive.org ). We hope to have them perform again in March of 2005, when we will be raising funds for children's education, to benefit orgs in Haiti and Uganda (www.outsidethedream.org and www.liberationthrougheducation.org , and see www.oneworldbeat.org for more news on the OWB festival). One World Beat is also hoping to hook up with musicians who want to perform to benefit Asian tsunami relief, so anyone interested, please contact me at kaippg@... , or go to the website to sign up, or write directly to Andy Treichler (founder/director of OWB) at andyt@... .
      For more on Angels of Peace and the concert tomorrow, see www.angelsofpeace.com/mission.htm and www.angelsofpeace.com/sofar.htm . Congratulations on this life-saving and planet-healing work, and please update us on all of your activities. Also, it would be great to find ways in which we can all work together in terms of "music making a difference" (the motto of OWB), and when exactly is the Morocco event taking place, as we might even consider some kind of link-up then? With very best wishes, peace and joy in abundance, and here's to creative collaborations in 2005 and forever!  Love, Janet

      Dear Janet,

      One aspect of living in London is that there are so many diverse
      communities that have strong links to their home countries and so
      networking here is very rewarding and I am always prepared to help your
      projects from here in any way that I can. I expect to see some "real
      world" projects happening this year, therefore the timing is good to
      make these connections and build a strong collaboration between all of
      our groups working on the new pattern of EcoLiving.

      I would like to try to connect with any of your network in the Tenerife
      and I believe that Lucas could help - so please do send details. In the
      New Year we will do more to document and build our networks - in London
      and in Africa. Thanks so much for your suggestions and encouragement.

      In this, our focus is different than the BandAid initiative. We have the
      goal of long term "structural" solutions to problems of poverty, food,
      water and energy. In fact our BlueGreen solutions are not theory or
      "ideas" about good governance and such but about the hardware of living
      structures - a new pattern of construction of human habitat; a pattern
      for homes and communities that delivers ecological life support. This
      pattern uses the SolaRoof methods and many other BlueGreen solutions
      that are affordable, accessible and adaptable to local communities and
      cultures. Please visit the SolaRoofWiki to learn more about our
      OpenSource methods and to participate with us in pioneering a
      sustainable future. Your collaboration is the key

      Peace and blessings, Rick

      Janet Feldman wrote:

      > Dear Friends,
      > Hello and great to see this thread of postings! I have much more to
      > respond to in all forums, but wanted to leave a quick note here to say
      > that members of ActALIVE and others I know in the arts (some of whom
      > have contributed their talents to "arts for peace" projects) will be
      > delighted to be involved in these efforts, so plz keep us informed
      > about all particulars. Also that there are some wonderful folks in
      > Tenerife who helped to raise funds and awareness for Keep A Child
      > Alive (a pioneering ARV program for children and their families)
      > through the One World Beat Festival in March 2004, who you might like
      > to meet.
      > Two are newspaper editors, who pulled together about 40 musicians to
      > do one of our largest and most successful projects (see
      > www.oneworldbeat.org ). I'd be happy to try to hook you up with some
      > of them, Rick, or to draw One World Beat participants into this too
      > (OWB 2005 is in March). And Joy has a friend called Michael
      > Fitzpatrick at Millennium Music, whose work is also peace-focused.
      > Joy, how fantastic that you'll be going to Senegal in January, and am
      > sure you will have a fabulous time (wish we could be with you, but
      > drum up a newsletter when you get back, OK...or maybe we'll hear from
      > you from there, haha!).
      > Will be back with more on this and other subjects, but for now thanks
      > for any artistic "revolutions" we can conjure from the New Year's
      > "resolutions" (speaking of which, if we all chant "resolve to revolve
      > for a peaceful evolve",  we'll hopefully be marching to the beat of
      > our own drummer...with billions beside us!), and may we all make
      > beautiful music together in 2005! Love (is all you need!), Janet
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      > From: Richard Nelson
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      > Subject: Re: [1village] drum speaker and new years revolutions
      > Jeff that would be fantastic. I am very excited about this new
      > relationship and a the work that they are doing at
      http://www.angelsofpeace.com - where a broad collation of artists and
      > musicians are working for a sustainable solution for world peace. There
      > will be a super event in Morocco in the spring and other projects to use
      > the power of the media to empower and fund EcoLiving projects in Africa.
      > Perhaps they will lead the way in adopting the BlueGreen solutions.
      > I am in Tenerife till New Years eve and then back on time to join in
      > with the benefit concert and workshop program. I will collect as much
      > details as possible (who, what, when and how the EcoVillage Ghana
      > developments will go forward) then and I will post it on the
      > SolaRoofWiki - perhaps creating a Project Wiki for our Ghanian
      > initiative. I will send a note on these developments ot 1village and
      > GlobalVillages to keep all our friends of SolaRoof posted on such
      > developments. This link is shorter and will work better for access to
      > the same information about the program and line up of the all day event
      > (12 to 24 hours) on 10/0105 - The Dream Speakers & New Year Revolutions
      > Event:
      > All the best to everyone in the New Year - 05 - a breakthrough year - Rick

      Jeff Buderer wrote:
      Joy , I got this from Rick Nelson:

      Rick, as you probably know one of the countries we are involved in is
      Ghana, and Joy is also going to Africa in January to take a drum class
      in Senegal. Is there any way we could get into contact with the people
      organizing that event?  Jeff

      Richard Nelson
      Together we can BUILD a sustainable future

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