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  • De Quintal, Steve (Bishop Marrocco/Thomas
    As always, thank you for your incredible work! Peace and Hope, Steve De Quintal Teacher, Bishop Marrocco / Thomas Merton CSS, 1515 Bloor St. W.. Toronto,
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      As always, thank you for your incredible work!

      Peace and Hope,
      Steve De Quintal
      Teacher, Bishop Marrocco / Thomas Merton CSS, 1515 Bloor St. W.. Toronto, Ontario M6P-1A3. 416-393-5545 ext. 84293
      "To Think, to pray and to serve."
      "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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      Dear Reader,

      We are forwarding the Newsletter 'I lead' from Foundation for Leadership Initiatives (FLI)

      ICYO India Team



      Issue-3 November 5, 2012


      Global Women Leadership Council

      The Woodrow Wilson Center of USA is promoting a network of women political leaders and looking to mentor and train emerging women leaders in support of a goal of 50 percent female leaders to lead their countries by 2050. This initiative is known as Council of Women World Leaders (CWWL) is a group of 50 female current and former head of state.The council is making a conflict resolutions, democracy, globalization gender, governance & global health as its priority.- Source: Woodrow Wilson Center

      Women Leadership Forum at Harvard

      The women leadership forum at Harvard Business School helps to optimize individual performance & organizational impact, while achieving new level of confidence & success among women. The programme is to advance management & leadership skills. The leadership development programme is for business as well as non-profit executives. Contact: Executive_education@...

      Leadership Competence in Different Economics

      The successful leaders in developed economics are different from successful leaders in emerging economics. A research of 30575 leaders in ten European, U.S., India & China took detail look at real leadership competence and analyzed eight different factors of leadership from strategic planning to operational execution.

      Leaders in China & India have strong focus on hands on approach whereas on US & UK leaders are hard driven with much more push-oriented approach and European country leaders' gives emphasis to planning strategy and communication.-Source: Forbes.

      Leadership Experience as An Intern

      Internship and on campus work has been a way in American Universities to gain experience, 75% of students complete internship before graduation. A study in 2010 found that leadership roles on campus organization attract positive attention from potential employees according to Internqueen.com, several civil society organizations would like to promote the system of internship in Asia and Pacific also. - Source: USA Today.


      USAID New Policy on Youth

      USAID on 1st November announced a policy on youth development. The agency wide first policy guidance to recognize youth as driving force in global development and promote youth participation as partners and leaders.Support USAID efforts to mainstream youth in development, carry out our effective programme& elevate youth participants' says the youth policy. Further info on USAID impact.

      World Bank & Youth Leadership

      World Bank has been working with youth for some time and had few youth events, now it has launched a new book on "Children & Youth in Crisis; protecting & promoting Human & Development of Economic Shocks."- Source:World Bank.

      Youth Leaders Academy

      29 committed youth leaders from 17 countries were selected to attend 2nd International Youth Leadership Academy (IYLA) training in Istanbul, Turkey. IYLA is coordinated by Habitat Canter for Development and Governance in Istanbul. - Source:Youth Social Policy Development Division-U.N.

      Sri LankanYouth Leaders Making Difference

      The young parliamentarians of Sri Lanka met representatives of Tamil leaders in London in December 2011 and followed up on 27 October 2012 under the auspices of Commonwealth Foundation and Tamil Information Center of London. They discussed socio-political war, governance & made several important recommendation.- Source: The Sri Lankan Guardian.


      Is Young Population An Advantage in India?

      Recently there have been many articles in the newspapers saying that Indian young population is an advantage. The CNBC on 2nd November indicated that large numbers of computer programmers are around 28 years. This composition is a reflection of India's young and burgeoning working age population--a comparative age & more innovative mind.

      ABC News as of 31st October also had a story on "Population bulge test India's growth aspirations", first quoted by the Minister for Human Resources development that "The burgeoning youth population" will be a dividend if we empower our young people." Then he says, it will be a disaster if we fail. India job seekers are looking for some 900 state run Job Centers across the country with very limited job available. So, is this bulge an advantage?

      China Think Tank Recommend Two-Child Policy

      A government think tank urging Chinese leaders to start phasing out China One-Child Policy and allows two children for every family by 2015, The China Development Foundation recommendation is a bold move.The Foundation has recommended a Two-Child Policy in some provinces from this year and by 2015 nationwide. The recommendation holds extra weight as Think Tank is under state council (China's Cabinet). The report says China has paid a huge political & social cost from one-child policy. Another report also suggests that China will have problem of ageing. The report will be released soon. - Source:www.boston.com <http://www.boston.com/> (31st October).

      Intimate Partners Violence & Reproductive Health

      Data from survey's in India and 2007 Bangladesh Demographic Health survey suggests an association between physical partners violence and low use of antenatal care. The study indicated the associated exposure to intimate partner violence (IPV) plays a significant role is lower utilization of reproductive health service among women in Bangladesh and India, another findings suggest that preventing physical and several IPV need to be considered as an important determinants of the higher utilization of RH Care Services in Bangladesh - Source: BMC Public Health Research Article.

      Opportunities for Leaders

      Innovative Environmental Leaders Fellowship

      Kinship Foundation of USA is offering 18 fellowship of US$6 thousand each and one month residency with membership of Global Community of Inspired leadership program. It is for mid-career Practioners. Those seeking to effectively implement mechanism for conservation by harnessing their skills in leadership, communications, economics, etc.Last date to apply is 26 January 2013 & details at www.kinshipfellows.org <http://www.kinshipfellows.org/>

      Global Integrity Innovation Fund

      The open government partnership (OGP) has launched "TESTING 123", the global integrity innovation fund will provide Ten thousand dollars for new ideas to target transparency & accountability in governance. Visit:www.globalintegrityfund.com <http://www.globalintegrityfund.com/> . Last date 16th November.

      Situational Analysis of R.H. Medicine

      The concept foundation invites proposal to conduct situational analysis for reproductive health medicine in Nepal and 3 other African countries. This is a DFID support to R.H. Supply Coalition managed by Concept Foundation. Contact: www.conceptfoundation.org <http://www.conceptfoundation.org/> .

      Organizational Leadership Course

      Indian Institute of Management ,Ahemdabad, a prestigious M-School in India is offering a programme on "Organizational Leadership for 21st Century" from November 19-22, 2012. Contact: mdp@... <mailto:mdp@...>

      About iLead

      Several interested individuals and small scale enterprises have launched "FoundationforLeadershipInitiatives" (Registered) to support developmental leadership. The iLead is an effort to provideinformation on who leads. Contact: Shiv Khare at foundationforleadership@... <mailto:foundationforleadership@...>
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