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Call for Abstracts: Special Issue on Children and Disasters

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    Call for Abstracts: Special Issue on Children and Disasters Children, Youth and Environments (CYE) An upcoming special issue of Children, Youth and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2006
      Call for Abstracts: Special Issue on Children and Disasters

      Children, Youth and Environments (CYE)

      An upcoming special issue of Children, Youth and Environments will
      advance scholarly and applied knowledge regarding the experiences of
      children in disasters. This special issue will help scholars and
      practitioners gain insight into the unique vulnerabilities and
      special capacities of children by exploring what disasters do to
      children and youth, what is done on their behalf, and what they do
      for themselves.

      Special issue authors will examine children's experiences in
      disasters, while elucidating linkages between disasters and the
      larger social, economic, political, and cultural contexts in which
      these events occur. Here disasters are broadly defined as extreme
      natural, technological, or intentional human-caused events.
      Manuscripts that are international in scope and address the
      consequences of disasters for children in the developed as well as
      the developing world are encouraged. Innovative theoretical,
      empirical, or methodological manuscripts from various disciplinary
      perspectives will be considered for inclusion in the special issue.
      Potential contributors should submit a one-page abstract to the
      special issue editor, Dr. Lori Peek (lori.peek@...), by
      September 15, 2006. After evaluation of the relevance of the
      abstracts to the special issue, a number of authors will be invited
      to submit full manuscripts to the journal for peer review.

      Topics for this special issue may include examinations of questions
      such as: What are the unique costs and consequences of disasters for
      children and youth? What are children's experiences in disasters? How
      do children's experiences differ from others around them? Are
      children more vulnerable in disaster events? If so, in what ways? How
      do children of different genders, age groups, ethnicities, social
      class backgrounds, or religions experience and cope with disasters?

      In addition to exploring children's vulnerability in disaster,
      authors are encouraged to look at children's resilience.
      Specifically, we are interested in views that see children not as
      passive victims in disasters, but recognize that they have special
      capacities and strengths that may help with their own recovery, as
      well as the recovery of those around them. What have children done
      for themselves to aid in their own post-disaster recovery? What have
      adults done on children's behalf both prior to and following a
      disaster to help reduce children's vulnerability? Based on empirical
      research, what specific actions should be taken to help children
      prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters?

      Because disasters often damage or destroy the physical spaces in
      which children live, manuscripts may also explore the ways that loss
      of space and place may affect children's relationships and social and
      emotional well-being. In particular, how does the loss of home,
      school, play areas, and/or community impact children's recovery
      following a disaster? Can those spaces be rebuilt or reestablished in
      a just and sustainable manner? In what ways is it possible to
      actively engage children in pre-disaster planning and post-disaster
      recovery processes?

      For more information, contact: Lori Peek, Special Issue Editor,
      Department of Sociology, Colorado State University, B-237 Clark
      Building, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1784, USA; 970-491-6777
      970-491-2191 (fax); lori.peek@....

      Children, Youth and Environments is a peer-reviewed journal with a
      multidisciplinary audience of researchers, policy makers, and
      professionals in 143 countries
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