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Re: [CTC-RTR] Crap Cycle Lanes - The TV Report

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  • Roy Spilsbury
    Maurice and I will be running with your baton, Rod. It will get a mention on our CTC Cymru North Wales website. www.cyclingnorthwales.co.uk Below the latest
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2008
      Maurice and I will be running with your baton, Rod.
      It will get a mention on our CTC Cymru North Wales website. www.cyclingnorthwales.co.uk
      Below the latest tribute we have received from a Consultant Physician for the Elderly at our local General Hospital.
      All very heartening
      CTC RTR Denbighshire/Conwy
      It was indeed a pleasure and a pleasant surprise meeting you
      (with my 9-year old son - cycling) this Sunday afternoon at
      the Prestatyn-Dyserth-Meliden walk. Your website is extremely
      inspirational, educating and informative - I will certainly be
      a more frequent visitor to the website from now on! I
      congratulate all the effort that has been going on towards the
      prostate cancer awareness initiative and I will support this
      by whatever means I can. I hope to meet you sometime again in
      the near future - however, my sincerest regards and best
      wishes to you for your tremendous contribution towards raising
      the profile of cycling in North Wales.
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      From: Rod King
      Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2008 9:10 PM
      Subject: [CTC-RTR] Crap Cycle Lanes - The TV Report

      Well done Greater Manchester Cycle Campaign for taking the campaign for better cycle lanes to BBC News and Manchester Council.
      see the report at :-
      Best regards

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