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The Woman Who Stopped Traffic - Channel 4

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  • Roy Spilsbury
    A quick response to last nights programme before I get out with my Wednesday pedalling chums. Following points noted Little evidence of real bikies getting
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      A quick response to last nights programme before I get out with my Wednesday pedalling chums. 
      Following points noted
      Little evidence of 'real bikies' getting involved in changing minds.  Confirmed my experience that if you want to change things - don't expect much from the insiders.  Real and effective campaigners have an extra gene missing from lesser mortals.  Beware the peleton prattlers who have great Aunt Maude making her annual visit whenever you want something done.  Enjoy their company but expect little.
      And the Chamber of Commerce chappie !!!!    How rude.  Fallacies surrounding business needs are one of cycling's biggest challenges.  I reckon a high proportion of trips to the supermarket are for subliminal social need, rather than the urgent restocking of cans of beans.
      Lesson for cycling - get at the parents, the socially aware, and the environmentalists  - whether or not they are cycling at the moment.
      But by jove, what a magnificent outcome.  I can only assume there must have been an awful lot of activity on the cutting room floor
      'ave a gudn
      CTC RTR Denbighshire/Conwy
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