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Re: [cybook] Re: My Feelings re: Cybook's Demise

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  • Chris Marriott
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      > --- In cybook@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Marriott" <chris@...> wrote:
      >> I've found that RTF is the best format to use. I have a Word macro
      > which
      >> formats stuff the way I like it.
      > I have been playig around with the Macro posted in the Mobileread
      > forum, but so far I am not happy. I have never worked with Macros
      > before, so I have a lot to learn. Is it fair for customers to have
      > to learn so many work arounds? So far, I have worked with Book
      > Designer, Tidy HTML, Make LRF, html to txt. The list is getting
      > longer.

      I agree with you. At present the Reader is what I'd classify as a device for
      people who enjoy experimenting with things. I certainly wouldn't give one to
      my 80 year old mother. I enjoy this kind of thing, though; I'm using a
      version of the macro from the "MobileReader" forum too and using that I can
      format any PG book to appear nicely on the Reader in a few seconds.

      > I understand the e-ink/no backlight thing. I knew it going into it
      > since I have a Librie. I have a clip on light that is okay, but I
      > don't want to make do. I was writing about my ultimate dream device.
      >> Colour I'm not so sure about. It would be nice for some things, but
      > remember
      >> that a colour device has inherently 1/3 the resolution of a black
      > and white
      >> one. Personally I'd prefer a "crisp" B&W display to a "fuzzy"
      > colour one.
      > I'm old and remember B/W TV, so I want color :)

      Me too - remembering B&W TV, that is :-).

      > I am glad that you like the Sony reader. It's good for what it does.
      > I also hope that it catches on and puts ebooks on the map. I just
      > want people to know it's weaknesses.

      It's not the perfect device by any means, but for me personally it's the
      best yet. Add a few software tweaks to it, such as searching and the ability
      to display pictures in RTF files, and it would be a lot closer to
      perfection. I'm very hopeful that those will come along in the future. In
      the mean time, simply for the "reading experience", it's the closest yet to
      the "experience" of reading a book.

      Best wishes,

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