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RE: [cybook] We are now a Moderated list

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  • Roger1935 Jones
    The eBookwise won t handle all of the various formats but if you go to Guttenberg, Munsey s and lot s of the free sites you will find tons of downloadables.
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 4, 2009
         The eBookwise won't handle all of the various formats but if you go to Guttenberg, Munsey's and lot's of the free sites you will find tons of downloadables. Munsey's, which is a great site, has the RB (for RocketBook) format, and mavbe a couple of others, for the eBookwise. The eBookwise site itself is terrific and it also has lots of free books. I like dedicated ebook readers and there are lot's of good ones out there. The thing about the eBookwise is that it is about the size of a paperback, the grayscale screen with the two sizes of fonts and the low price fit me perfectly. I have about a hundred books on it and it can take many more.
         It must be liked by many readers because it has been available for so long. I just bought my second one a few months ago because I broke my first (my fault - they are very durable but sure can't handle what mine went through). Having said all that I still can't wait for the "color" generation of the Cybook to come out. In the meantime, go to the eBookwise site, look around and then if you decide on one, go to eBay. That's where I bought my first one.
         Good Luck - and, isn't it nice to have a moderator? THANKS, Moderator! 

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      Thanks for the recommendation. Do eBookwise readers handle the various book formats?
      Mary Ann
      In a message dated 7/3/2009 9:45:49 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Roger1935@msn. com writes:
      However, I have had an eBookwise for years and love it. It is actually very popular and I have no problems finding great titles.

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