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New issue of Mickle Street Review

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  • Kim Roberts
    The newest issue of Mickle Street Review is available online! http://micklestreet.rutgers.edu/ The issue s theme is Sights and Sounds. In addition to the
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      The newest issue of Mickle Street Review is available online!  

      The issue's theme is "Sights and Sounds."  In addition to the critical essays, reviews, and poetry (including two poems of mine, I am proud to say), there are two special "rooms" that I highly recommend.  The "Listening Room" has recordings of different people reading Whitman, from Ralph Bellamy (in 1943) to Orson Welles (1953) to Jesse Pearson with music by Rod McKuen interpreting "The Erotic Words of Walt Whitman" in 1970.  The "Viewing Room" has educational films on Whitman that are really fun to watch--I love how the actors portraying Walt try to consciously sound "poetic."  There's a fabulous film from 1972 in which Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. reads "O Captain!" to a montage of Kennedy and MLK images, conflating a series of fallen leaders.  The "Viewing Room" also provides links to other "cinepoetic" postings elsewhere on the web, and those are extremely fun--don't miss the students in a "Video Biography" translating Whitman's experiences onto contemporary suburbia (the stroke scene is wonderfully weird, and the music chosen for the final credits is truly bizarre).  There's also a link to Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand's Manhatta (1921) that is fascinating.  

      --Kim Roberts

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