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Marathon Reading in Brooklyn

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  • calvertmartin
    Dearest friends and Whitman lovers, Neither hurricanes nor earthquakes, nor even the South Street Seaport Musem s dire financial conditions will stay us from
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2011
      Dearest friends and Whitman lovers,

      Neither hurricanes nor earthquakes, nor even the South Street Seaport Musem's dire financial conditions will stay us from declaring Whitman's all-embracing lines to the world! I'm very pleased to announce that the eighth annual marathon reading of "Song of Myself" will be held this year on the Central Library Plaza of the Brooklyn Public Library. While we continue to watch and worry about the Seaport Museum's future, the Brooklyn Public Library has graciously opened this opportunity to keep Whitman's words alive and on the streets of his beloved New York City. Please do join us right outside the main library's 'open-book' doors, where we'll overlook Grand Army Plaza and beautiful Prospect Park as we recite the 'great American declaration of cultural independence.'

      The reading will take place on Saturday, September 24th, beginning at 3:30 pm. You don't have to read to participate-- but if you'd like to lend your voice, please contact June Koffi at 718 230 2708 or email j.koffi@.... Leave your name and your top three choices from the 52 numbered sections of "Song of Myself." See the attached flyer for all details-- and please do spread the word.

      Here's a photo slideshow of last year's reading:


      If you'd like to keep track of the current conditions at the Seaport Museum, and possibly even help out, here are some sites to visit:


      This year, you have several opportunities to hear and even see Whitman's expansive lines brought to life: see the link below to view the schedule for "More or Less I Am," an exuberant and uplifting performance of selections from "Song of Myself" by the Compagnia de' Colombari Theater Company:


      Looking forward to reuniting with all of you soon! Best wishes as always,

      Karen Karbiener
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