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157Whitman is the first "cool" American...

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  • neilranc
    Feb 11, 2014
      FYI:  Whitman is identified as the first "cool" American in the new exhibit on American Cool at the Portrait Gallery.  They have a first edition Leaves of Grass on display as well.  It's a really fun exhibit to see and to debate with a friend who should or should not be on the list. 


      Neil Richardson

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      Postcard upends history of Walt Whitman Birthplace site in South Huntington
      SOUTH HUNTINGTON - A postcard from the past that turned up at a flea market is redefining what local historians know about the birthplace of Long Island's most famous poet


      similar story also on Newsday

      A visit to Whitman's Camden home inspires thoughts of compassion
      Meanness and agony without end  By Walter Bowne
      As a teacher, I'm not used to being tested. And I'm definitely not familiar with failing. Yet a test came during a poetry reading for one of my students at the Walt Whitman House in Camden.
      I've driven through Camden countless times (doors locked, eyes firmly ahead), but street parking is another matter. If I died, would my student appreciate my sacrifice to the teaching profession?

      Walt Whitman’s Pakistan
      As proof that Whitman's reach is truly international, a piece in a Pakistani newspaper by Mosharraf Zaidi ends with the line:

      "Pakistani military and political leaders want us to have our anti-American cake, and eat our American cake too. Such contradictions, even Walt Whitman would have avoided. We are certainly not large enough to contain such multitudes."

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